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Carpet Types

State I can't choose, there are too many types, we hear you say. Indeed, there are many types of carpets from the area of use to the way of weaving. In this article, we will try to tell you about the current carpet types.

You can find different types, patterns, materials, weaving patterns and more with photo examples in our comprehensive carpet buying guide.

halı çeşitleri

1. Types of Carpets by Area of Use

Carpets are available in a wide variety of styles. Let me review the different types of carpets available, depending on the area of use where you need the carpet.


Living Room Carpet

salon halısıWhen we say carpet, the first thing we think of living room carpet It can be hand woven or machine made carpets. Different civilizations in the world have woven beautiful and magnificent living room carpets over the years. The oldest carpet found is from the 5th century BC.

Runner Carpet

yolluk halı runner carpet , As the name suggests, it is used in areas such as hallway, entrance and kitchen. They are available in different lengths and different widths.


kapı önü paspas Door mats are available in many styles and are usually woven from tough fibers. They allow occupants to clean their feet before entering.

Balcony Carpets

Balkon Halısı In fact, if we say outdoor carpets, we would use a more correct term. They are resistant to weather conditions and fading. These carpets are generally used on terraces, balconies and summer rug used as

Children's Carpet

çocuk halısıchildren's rug Unlike other carpets, it should carry some health conditions and be resistant to stains.

Bathroom carpet

banyo halısı Bathroom carpetThese are the carpets that will be in constant contact with water and must be non-slip. They are preferred to be washable and light.

kitchen rug

mutfak halısı kitchen rugSince it will be used in the kitchens, which are the busiest living areas of the houses, it should be stain resistant, non-slip and washable. It has many different sizes, including a runner.

Bedroom Carpet

yatak odası halısı bedroom rug, It should offer a soft texture and comfortable use in the bedrooms, which are the center of comfort.

2. Types of Carpets According to Production Types

Carpet used to refer only to handmade carpets in the past. Today's weaving patterns are as follows.


Machine Carpet

Makine Halısımachine carpetIt is produced with a computer-controlled weaving loom. Different yarn and weaving densities are used. Gaziantep province is the most important production point of machine carpet in the world.

Hand Woven Carpet

el dokuma halı tezgahıhand woven carpetIt is woven by knotting the knots on the ropes stretched on a wooden hoop. Its history dates back to ancient times. Natural yarns are used.

printed carpet

The pattern is transferred onto a plain woven thick fabric directly or by transfer method. The colors are fixed with heat and non-slip application is applied to the sole. Sometimes a second fabric is laminated as a sole. It is very popular in recent times.

Tufting Carpet

tufting halı In rough terms, with a special gun on a stretched fabric acrylic throw away wool threads are nailed. If there will be a pattern, a paper template is used. It is used for special production and project carpets.

3. Types of Carpets According to Their Textures

Plush Carpet

peluş halıplush carpetIt is created by laminating the base fabric to the bottom of a fabric that is woven on one side and long pile on the other. It is widely used as a decorative and post.

Shaggy Carpet

shaggy halı shaggy rug They are hairy carpets woven with long yarns by machine or hand weaving. It is relatively difficult to maintain and clean. It looks stylish in terms of aesthetics and is comfortable to step on.

Patchwork Carpet

patchwork halı modelleripatchwork carpetPatchwork carpets made from old hand-woven Turkish carpets are known all over the world.

Leather Carpet

deri halı leather carpet, real calfskin or artificial leather fabrics are made into carpets by various processes. The use of real leather requires care. Their prices are high.

4. Types of Carpets According to Their Shapes

Besides all these carpet types and different construction styles, carpet is also available in different forms. Depending on your needs and style, the shape of the rug may be important to you. More than half of the carpets currently used are rectangular.


dikdörtgen halıIt is the most preferred classical carpet form. Generally, they have 1/2 to 2/3 ratios. It is found in all types of weaving.

Round Carpet

yuvarlak round carpetIt can be used under the entrance hall and round dining tables. In many carpets, it is difficult to adapt the pattern and the carpet to this size.

Runner Carpet

runner carpet , As the name suggests, it is used in areas such as hallway, entrance and kitchen. They are available in different lengths and different widths.

Oval Carpet

oval oval carpetBy softening the sharp corners of rectangular carpets, the aesthetic appearance of the carpet is increased. Its use is increasing.

5. Types of Carpets by Style

For most consumers, the carpet style to be chosen will be the most important consideration when purchasing carpet. Depending on the style of a rug, it can blend seamlessly with other decor pieces in your home.

Modern style

modern halı Modernism is a style that rose in popularity in the late 19th century and is very popular today. Modernism rejects the ideas of more traditional styles such as Neo Classical. modern carpets, It is characterized by its simple designs designed to blend seamlessly with other modern pieces in the home.

Classic Style

klasik halı classic carpetscontain design motifs such as flowers or medallions. These carpets generally have blue - burgundy floors and have a rich stance. These carpets first appeared in Iran.

Vintage Styles

vintage halı vintage carpet, Hand-woven carpets woven between 1920 and 1980 are produced by processes such as aging, bleaching and dyeing. In addition to vivid and neon colors, soft colors such as light blue and water green are available.

Coastal Styles

koastal halı Inspired by the beauties of the sea, ‌Coastal style decorations are especially suitable for summer residences. Blue and white are the basic colors used. Marine-themed and plain blue carpets are very suitable with this style. 

Country Stili

country dekorasyon halı country decoration; it emphasizes rural life, farm life and therefore nature. Because in country decoration plenty of wood, flowers and details about nature are used. Worn furniture and pastel colored carpets are very suitable for this style.

Retro Styles

retro halı Its retro style is inspired by the period of 1960 and 1970. Carpets with vibrant colors and patterns woven in this period are shaved to have more pastel tones. Again, retro carpets can be used together with renovated furniture.

Eclectic Style

eklektik halı in eclectic style Pieces from different periods and styles are used together in harmony. For example, a classic Persian rug is combined with a modern sofa set.

Mid-Century Stili

mid century halı It is a decoration style that can be defined as minimalist modernism that emerged in Scandinavia in the 1950s. Its basic elements are leather, wood and marble. Vintage and leather carpets are very suitable for use in this style.

6. Types of Carpets by Yarn Types

The material from which a carpet is made, the appearance of the carpet, carpet qualitycan have a striking effect on its durability and the texture feel it creates.

Wool Carpet

yün halıwool carpetThey are produced from wool, a natural material, by hand-woven or machine-woven method. It is the most used yarn in carpet weaving in the past. The woven carpets have a natural and soft texture. Their prices are high.

Acrylic Carpet

akrilik halı acrylic carpetIt is woven from acrylic yarn, a synthetic fiber whose texture is very similar to wool. In our country, it is the most commonly used artificial fiber in carpet weaving. Acrylic carpet prices are economical. It is a flammable yarn.

Polyamide Carpet

polyamid halı Polyamide is known for its durability and vivid colors. It is especially used in wall-to-wall and carpet tiles.

Cotton Carpet

 cotton carpetIt is woven from cotton yarn, which is known for its water absorbency and natural texture. It is widely used in bathroom rugs.

Bamboo Carpet

bambu halıbamboo carpetIt is woven from bamboo yarn, which has recently been used in apparel and home textiles. Bamboo fiber is ecological and sustainable. Carpets woven from bamboo yarn are known for their soft texture and shine.

silk carpet

ipek halı They are carpets woven from natural silk fiber. They have a natural shine. They are difficult to use and their prices are quite high.

Silk Carpet

ipek halı They are carpets woven from natural silk fiber. They have a natural shine. It is difficult to use and the prices are quite high.

Polyester Carpet

polyester halı Thanks to its different twisting and dyeing techniques, it has revolutionized the carpet industry. It has enabled the production of carpets with the appearance of hand-made carpets with high frequency. Polyester carpets are useful and long-lasting.

7. Types of Carpets According to Their Motifs

Pattern is an important factor to help determine the carpet that is best for you. A rug's pattern is a great way to express your personality or to further accentuate the style of a room. Below you can take a look at the different types of popular carpet models.

Geometric Carpet

geometrik halıGeometric patterns and sharp color transitions are used in these carpets. It is widely used in black and white carpets.

Oriental Carpet

oryantal halı Medallion, border and flower motifs are used. Colors are pastel and color transitions are soft. Oriental patterns are encountered in Classical and Retro carpets.

Floral Carpet

çiçekli halı Colorful floral motifs are used on a light or dark background. The colors are vibrant. Karabakh rugs are one of the colors of this type.

Plain Carpet

 If the carpet is not desired to be in the foreground in decoration, plain and patternless carpets can be preferred. Gray and beige colors are used more in plain carpets.

Abstract Carpet

abstract halıThese are carpets that do not have a certain symmetry and clear motifs. Contrasting and matching colors can be used together.

striped carpet

çizgili halı These are carpets that consist of two colors, the lines of which can sometimes be equal or sometimes different. It is not used much because it is tiring on the eyes and has misconceptions in the place where it is used.

Ikat Carpet

ikat halı It is a traditional yarn dyeing and fabric weaving craft unique to Central Asia. Its motifs are distinct and characterized. These motifs have been used in carpets recently.

Zig Zag Carpet

zig zag halı Also known as chevron, it is a pattern that was fashionable in clothing in the 80s. It is generally applied in two colors on the carpet. The thickness of the lines used can cause different perceptions in the space. 

8. Types of Rugs

Above, we tried to classify the carpet types currently available on the market. However, hand-woven carpets and kilims have a deep history and were woven in different geographies. Therefore, these require a separate area of expertise and classification. Below, we'll explain the types of rugs you can find right now.

Rug Carpet

kilim halıTurkish rugs, It was woven in many different parts of Anatolia. Especially in the Aegean region and woven by the nomads, rugs with geometric patterns are very popular today.

Karabakh Rug

karabağ kilim Karabakh rugs; It was woven in many places, especially in Karabakh. It is generally woven with colorful floral motifs on a dark background and is generally used as a tapestry.

Caput Rug

çaput kilim Chaput rugs are colored rugs woven from recycled materials, with a general light color background.

Hemp Rug

kendir Kilim hemp rug It is woven with the fibers of the hemp plant, one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. It is generally cream-based and has small motifs on it.

9. Additional Features

After deciding on the type, material, style and pattern of a carpet, let's take a closer look at the additional special features that the carpet may have.

Non-Slip Base

kaymaz halıGel-based carpet Also known as non-slip carpets, this feature is provided by applications such as latex applied to the base of the carpet after production. It provides ease of use for kitchen and runner carpets and prevents possible accidents.


antibakteriyel halı Antibacterial Carpet ; It is achieved by spraying or injecting chemicals that prevent the formation of microorganisms on the surface of the carpet after the production of the carpet.children's rug ve in baby room rugs It is a particularly sought after feature. 

Underfloor Heating

yerden ısıtma halı kullanımı Not every carpet is suitable for floors with underfloor heating.


Outdoor rugs are designed to be heavy-duty and weatherproof. You will often find these rugs on patios and patios.

G. Carpet Yarns

When you enter a carpet store, the first words you will hear are Acrylic, Polyester etc. There will be terms like You guessed it, these are chemical substance names. But what are they, why are they used, what are the advantages and disadvantages? In the table below, we will compare the yarn material types you will often see on carpet labels. Carpets are woven with either natural or synthetic materials. Natural and artificial threads have separate advantages.

Material Type Price Properties
Acrylic Synthetic Medium

Its appearance and texture is very similar to wool. It is used a lot in Turkey. Takes color well. It dries fast. It is resistant to stains. It is flammable

Bamboo Natural High It is a sustainable yarn that has been popular lately. Antibacterial, cool, natural and shiny texture.
chenille natural or synthetic Medium Thick yarn with a soft velvety texture, ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. It offers a decorative appearance with shaggy carpets.
Cotton Natural Medium It is water absorbent and can be painted in rich colors. It is sometimes combined with wool. Machine washable. Comfortable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Natural, soft. Wears fast.
polyamide Synthetic High
It is resistant to abrasion and staining. 
Withstands heavy traffic. It protects well and is easy to clean.
Polypropylene Synthetic Appropriate In liquid form, it is dyed to the desired color. Extremely durable and stain resistant. Easy to clean. Texture close to wool. Felting occurs.
Polyester Synthetic Medium Bright and vibrant texture. It is suitable for dense weaving density. Fade and stain resistant. Heavy furniture and wiping can leave marks.
Viscose semi synthetic High Silk equivalent. It is made with wood pulp using chemical processes. It adds a luxurious look to the carpets. It breathes like cotton. 
Wool Natural High It is considered the highest quality natural carpet fiber. It is made of sheep fleece. It is known for its longevity, durability and softness. It has a strong odor when wet.


In our article, we tried to give information about the types and prices of carpets currently on the market.

See other colors and patterns. carpet models If you are not sure about the size of the carpet you will buy, you can choose between carpet dimensions  You can read our guide.

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