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Kitchen Carpets

Apex kitchen rugs, made of high quality yarns, that you can decorate your kitchen floor with, visually complement your decor and offer many advantages with their practical features. A wide variety of printing and weaving techniques, from modern patterns to vintage motifs, from floral designs to geometric shapes, meet you in your kitchen. Many options that can blend in with your furniture and kitchen. kitchen rugYou can find the model in the Apex Carpet collection. These models, which offer various alternatives such as round, oval, thin and long, are also easy to clean and washable. The variety of impressive carpet designs that can adapt to almost any kitchen shape and decor is an indicator of how you can change the atmosphere of the environment even with small touches. 

How Should a Kitchen Carpet Be?

Kitchens are among the most frequently used living spaces of the house. For this reason, it is very useful to consider some important elements when choosing a kitchen rug. First of all, it is important that the smells of food in the kitchen do not permeate the carpet. It is necessary to choose carpets that do not hold odor and are easy to clean as much as possible. At the same time, the hygiene factor is very important for many users. Antibacterial in the feature kitchen rugs It is much more suitable for health. Apex kitchen carpets do not produce bacteria to a large extent and can be cleaned practically. The probability of staining on kitchen carpets is usually higher than on carpets in other rooms. washable kitchen rugYou can easily fold the models without much trouble and wash them in your washing machine. You can also clean these kitchen rugs by hand, the dimensions and thickness of which are generally designed to be washed in a washing machine. In addition, Apex kitchen carpets do not easily absorb dirt, and in this respect, users are largely satisfied.

The fact that the carpet you will use in the kitchen is also a gel-based, non-slip product protects both you and your loved ones from possible accidents. The kitchen is one of the areas where small home accidents can occur frequently. That's why a rug that is firmly fixed to the floor is ideal for use in the kitchen. In the kitchen, many people prefer rather than thick carpets. thin kitchen rugfavors the models. When necessary, you can easily lift and shake your thin carpet, wash, fold or air it. In addition to visuality, it has strong functional features. thin carpets It is among the favorites of many for the kitchen. The kitchen plan is one of the most important elements in choosing a carpet. In the Apex kitchen rug collection runner Shaped products are models that you can use in thin and long kitchens. Runners designed in 80x300 or 80x200 cm dimensions are one of your best alternatives for this type of kitchen. If you have a larger kitchen with a sitting area, then 2 square meters, 4 square meters, etc. You can turn to kitchen rugs in sizes. 

One of the places where the carpet is often put in the kitchen is under the kitchen table. Kitchen rugs with attractive colors and models create a very stylish look under the table. It is possible to animate your decor as you wish with a kitchen rug that can best adapt to the shape and size of the table. For example, you can put a 160x230 cm or 120x180 cm carpet under an average 4-person table. The wide size options in the Apex carpet collection provide you with great convenience when choosing. In addition, this type of carpet design for round or oval table types can exceed your expectations. By choosing a carpet that is suitable for the shape of your kitchen, you can both add a more attractive atmosphere to your decor and increase the functionality in terms of usage. How should a kitchen rug be? Another answer to the question is about the color, patterns and texture of the product. If your kitchen carpet, which appeals to your personal taste, also adapts to the cabinets, floor and other items, you can have a much more enjoyable experience.

How to Clean a Kitchen Carpet?

Kitchen carpet models It is produced in an easily cleanable feature due to the frequent use in this area and its suitability for contamination. One of the features that reflect the quality of Apex is that most of the kitchen carpets are suitable for washing in the washing machine. There are washing instructions on each product; When you do the cleaning by paying attention to these conditions, it is possible to use your carpet for a long time without fading and wearing out. carpet for the kitchen Being able to be cleaned in a practical way, which is among the priorities of most people, comes to the fore in these collections. You can find some important points and steps regarding the cleaning of kitchen carpets below:

  • You can review the special washing instructions for each product.
  • Generally, the products are thin and foldable and suitable for washing in the washing machine.
  • It is recommended to vacuum thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner before throwing the carpet in the washing machine. For hand cleaning, vacuuming the carpet first will allow you to get a more effective result.
  • In general, carpets are washed in an average of 30 degrees water in the washing machine.
  • Instead of wringing during the washing phase, you can leave the carpet to dry in the open air.
  • When drying gel/non-slip carpets, it is important to ensure that these parts do not face the sun. Otherwise, the anti-slip properties may be damaged.
  • You can wipe your carpet with warm soapy water especially for regional stains outside the machine. At this stage, you can also choose other natural methods such as arabic soap, baking soda or vinegar.

Easy to clean kitchen rug Since the models are especially thin, they also have a fast drying feature. After a short time after cleaning these carpets, you can lay them back in your kitchen and start using them. 

Color by Color Kitchen Carpet Models

Carpet models for the kitchenIt adds a very aesthetic atmosphere to your kitchen with its colors and patterns. Kitchen carpets designed by Apex are colorful and appealing to all tastes with its wide product range. Light pastel colors, which have become increasingly popular recently, especially as a result of simplification and naturalization, are among the most attractive carpet colors. Powder, cream, beige, white etc. colors are very suitable for kitchen rugs. These colors also go well with most kitchens. You can choose these carpet colors with many kitchen cabinets and floors. When choosing a color for your carpet, it is recommended to consider the general decor of your kitchen, the color of the cabinet and floor. If your kitchen has a dark floor and decor, light pastel carpets can brighten the atmosphere. These colors are also used with light tones to create a soft style in the kitchen. Also on a black background black and white carpet models it fits very well. If the furniture, cabinets and floor in the kitchen are predominantly light colors (especially if they are white), refreshing your decor can create a contrasting effect. Red, pink, burgundy, purple, blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, green etc. colors add a strong energy to such kitchens. 

If you have a kitchen inspired by nature, you can complete your decoration with many carpet types that complement the rustic style. In this type of kitchen, where comfort and naturalness come to the fore, you can lay hand-woven rugs and make your decor even more beautiful. Carpets with Retro and Vintage colors and motifs are also ideal for kitchens decorated in rustic style. These carpets, which are designed with an aging texture, are presented to your liking by giving them a more modern look. These carpets, which stand out with their special patterns and colors, carry the traces of old times and stories to your kitchen. Optionally, you can use it with modern decors and express your creativity. Patterns and motifs as well as colors help you to choose the most suitable carpet for your kitchen. With Apex's impressive and attractive kitchen rug styles, you can make the desired touch to one of the most important living spaces of your home. 

modern kitchen rug models offer many different weaving, color and pattern options. Geometric patterns are a common feature in carpets of this style. There is a wide collection of carpets from flamboyant, lively and colorful patterned carpets to plain and plain designs. You can easily choose dynamic and colorful carpet models in kitchens that are simply decorated and have few items. Minimalist carpet patterns in pastel tones, plain or easy on the eyes, are also at the forefront of these models. Another carpet model that opens your heart for kitchens and adds freshness and energy to the environment is the ones with floral designs. Ideal for use in the kitchen and among the popular models. flower carpets It is one of the most interesting products of the collection. Striped motifs are used in carpets with both vivid and pastel tones. These carpets, which exhibit an aesthetic appearance from a decorative point of view, can achieve a good harmony with almost any kitchen decor. 

If you like classic and traditional touches, you can find many alternatives to suit your taste in the Apex carpet collection. Traditional Turkish, Iranian etc. These carpets with carpet motifs add a different atmosphere to your kitchen. You have many options, from mixed colors to simpler and lighter tones. Mustard and golden hues are also prominent especially in carpets of this style. Retro, tumbled, Vintage, patchwork, Karabakh and ethnic etc. models may also appeal to you. Morocco carpets, which are generally designed with modern lines and produced from 100% micro polyester yarn, are among the favourites. Carpet models in the Moroccan style are one of the most impressive complements of decoration, especially in simple and modern kitchens. 

Runner Type Kitchen Rugs for the Kitchen 

Runner type carpets, which are more preferred for narrow and long areas, adapt to many kitchen layouts. Designed in a slim, long style kitchen runnersWhile adding a decorative elegance to the environment, it is also practical in terms of use. These runners, which can be easily cleaned, folded with their flexibility and thrown into the washing machine, are also resistant to stains. Thanks to their thinness, they are both quick-drying and offer a more aesthetic appearance for the kitchen. runner type carpets are among the most frequently used items in the decoration of this area. Non-slip ones increase safety, especially on marble and ceramic floors. There are also kitchen runners that are antibacterial and will make you feel safer in terms of health. The possibility of crumbs, drinks and food spilling on the kitchen carpet is quite high. For this reason, carpet types that can be easily cleaned and do not produce bacteria are produced in a way that you can safely use in your kitchen. 

The general structure of the kitchen is one of the factors that should be considered when choosing a runner for the kitchen. For example, choosing a light-colored runner for a darker kitchen that does not receive much sunlight and has dark floor-cupboards will add freshness to the environment. kitchen carpet runnerThe models are very diverse in color. A wide collection of runners awaits you, from light tones to pastels, from vibrant colors to mixed tones. Colorful patterned runners on the open floor can increase the energy of your kitchen. If you wish, you can bring an attractive dynamism to your kitchen decoration by making use of the motifs in mixed colors that animate the carpets with medium and dark floors. If plain and solid colors are your preference, you have many runner alternatives with this design. If you are adopting a more traditional style in the kitchen, you can also choose the runner type rugs designed by Apex. These rugs, embroidered with traditional and classical motifs, are among the assertive products that you can use without aggravating the image of the kitchen. Runners with beige lines and tones, black and white designs, and geometric patterns are frequently used pieces in modern decoration. 

Non-Slip Base Kitchen Rugs

Carpets with non-slip soles are very safe for you to use in the kitchen. These models, which are also called gel-based carpets, are presented to your liking with the difference of Apex. The kitchen is one of the areas most prone to minor accidents. Moreover, at that time you have a cutting tool, hot water, food, etc. in your hand. a product can be found. When you use a carpet that moves and is not slippery, you are more likely to encounter risky situations in the kitchen. Carpets slip frequently, especially on marble and ceramic floors. Non-slip kitchen rugThanks to these models, you can prevent unwanted situations to a large extent and you can secure yourself and your loved ones. Using gel-based or non-slip carpets is ideal for the kitchen. The special base of these carpets is strongly attached to the floor; It provides resistance to the weight and movement on it. Even in sudden movements and running, your carpet stays in place and prevents slipping. 

Non-slip kitchen rughas many advantages. The kitchen is used more frequently, especially in families with children and crowded. The fact that children are generally energetic and active can cause some accidents in the kitchen. non-slip carpets Thanks to this, families with children can be more comfortable and increase security measures. Older people also often suffer from balance problems. For this reason, they often face the danger of falling. Non-slip carpets are among the most preferred models in this respect. Another prominent feature of non-slip carpets is that they are generally thin, flexible and easily foldable. You can wash the carpets in your washing machine, shake them easily and fold them without any problems thanks to its flexibility. Non-slip thin carpets are also suitable for those who love innovation in the kitchen. These products are easier to transport and clean than heavy and large-sized carpets. Affordable prices help you make changes more often. 

Kitchen Carpet Prices for Every Budget

Kitchen carpet modelsIt appeals to people of all ages, different tastes and kitchen decorations. It is possible to realize the innovation you desire in your kitchen with impressive carpet styles. While Apex offers you a wide variety of carpets, it also provides very reasonable price advantages. Classic, plain, floral, geometric, tumbled, retro, Vintage, ethnic, Karabakh, Morocco, modern etc. Advantageous purchasing conditions come before you in kitchen carpet styles. In addition, thanks to the products with special campaigns, you can enjoy a much more profitable shopping for your budget. Regardless of the general structure, layout and decor of your kitchen, you can easily choose the most suitable carpet design from a wide product collection. 

Various types and colors of carpets designed in shapes such as round, oval and rectangular are offered to your liking. If you want, you can choose ready-made carpet sizes or you can give a special size during your online shopping. In a short time, your carpet in special sizes will be ready for shipping. In general, features such as non-slip/gel sole, antibacterial and stain-resistant structure, washing machine washability, thin-flexible texture, high quality, which stand out in Apex products in general, increase the functionality of your kitchen carpet. You can have all these advantages at affordable prices, and you can arrange the decoration of your kitchen in an aesthetic and profitable way. It is possible to find almost any color and combination of carpet types that you can use in the kitchen. A wide variety of colors and designs are dazzling, from beige to white, off-white to burgundy, green to blue-turquoise tones, pastels to retro ones. kitchen carpet pricesit basically varies according to the quality of the yarn used in the carpet, the dimensions of the product, its design, technical features and weaving. You can get extra discount opportunities during Apex campaign periods. There are carpet models suitable for every budget in the collections. 


Kitchen Carpet Decoration Examples

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