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“Is there a house without a carpet?” It is the word most heard by those who are preparing to build a new house in our country. The place of the carpet used as a ground cover in our culture, its areas of use, the feeling of warmth it gives and the ever-increasing modern carpet models have positioned the carpet at a different point from other decoration items. While decorating a room, priority is given to items such as furniture, curtains, paint color, and carpet selection is usually left last. Even more experienced family elders are consulted about carpet selection.

The adventure of Apex Carpet, which is identified with the non-slip carpet among the carpet brands, started with the reproduction of the forgotten, hand-woven mohair rugs woven on the looms in the 90s. In the following years, consumer demands were that the carpet was not only a decoration item, but also had a practical use. Thus, consumers became acquainted with the concepts of modern carpet, non-slip carpet, antibacterial carpet and washable carpet in the early 2000s. Apex Carpet, which has made great strides in the field of printed carpet for many years, has specialized in kitchen carpets, bathroom carpets and corridor carpets, especially used on wet floors.

Setting out with the understanding of being a carpet brand that will create a sense of belonging in its customers, Apex Halı has brought together the carpet models that have increased the quality of life and appealed to the eye with the ever-increasing customer base over the years. Apex Carpet, which wants to show that the concept of fashion is not only valid for clothing, but also for modern carpets, has made original and innovative pattern and color studies for many years.


Carpets, which are indispensable for home decoration, are offered to your liking with a variety of different models. In the past years, due to the limited variety of yarn, only wool carpet With the expanding yarn variety today, Acrylic Carpet, Bamboo Carpet, Cotton Carpet and Polyester carpets have also taken their place in the market. In addition, due to developing carpet weaving techniques and Turkey being one of the leading countries in carpet production, carpet prices have come to very reasonable levels in recent years. Carpet sizes have also had their share from this diversity. In the past, only 4 square meters of carpet and 6 square meters of carpet could be found, today there are also round carpet, oval carpet and runner carpet sizes. Since houses in our country have different architectures, cut carpets that customers can customize to the desired size are now available in many models.

The developments in the carpet were not limited to this. In ancient times, only dark colors, core carpet models were available. Again, with the fashion in this area, neon colors such as green, turquoise and yellow have started to be used today. Since it is a neutral color, gray carpet and solid color carpet models are also quite abundant.

Living room carpets in our product range, kitchen rugsThere are machine carpets, corridor carpets and hand-woven carpets. In recent years, the vintage winds blowing in every area have also affected the carpet. Adding vintage carpet, patchwork carpet and retro carpet models to its product range, Apex Halı is one of the companies with the highest number of carpet models in this field. Along with the bamboo fiber that revolutionized the textile industry, bamboo carpet models with silk shine have also taken their place among our collections.


Carpet prices vary according to the weaving of the product, yarn quality, size and technical features. Consumers from all age groups, who like to be different, can find products suitable for their tastes and budgets, among hundreds of different carpet models and colors, on our website and sales points at advantageous prices. With a realistic and fixed carpet prices policy, they can buy online with a refund guarantee.