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Hallway Carpet

Hallway Carpet

Thanks to the harmony of the corridor carpet with the decoration, you can make the entrance of your home more inviting. Hall carpet models with different designs help you find what you are looking for with a wide range of color options. Carpet models with different materials that help make your corridor more attractive also satisfy users because they have the advantage of being easy to use. 

How to Choose a Hallway Carpet?

The inclusion of the hall parts of the houses in the decoration stands out as a nice option for you to reflect your style. At this point, the most important thing to be taken care of is undoubtedly the selection of runners for the hall. While wide corridors make the house seem larger, they also offer a wide area for decoration. You can make the entrance part of your house much more lively for a hallway carpet that will accompany the harmony of floor and wall colors. Although corridor carpets have different sizes and designs, it is important to turn to non-slip options for comfortable use. With non-slip corridor carpet models, you can both reflect your style and take advantage of safe use. 

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Corridor Carpet?

The runners, which are preferred for long and thin corridors, offer the advantage of easy use and prevent the floor from being empty. Therefore the corridor runner models The following should be considered when choosing between:

  • When purchasing carpets for the corridor, attention should be paid to the floor material. If you have a slippery floor such as ceramic or parquet, you can choose from non-slip hall carpet models. 
  • Hall decoration is important for your home in terms of first impression. For this reason, you can make your choice by finding the size that suits you among the corridor carpet sizes. 
  • If you have an allergic nature, it is recommended to choose anti-bacterial corridor carpets. 
  • If you prefer a solid color paint instead of wallpaper on the walls of your corridor, you can choose one of the patterned carpet models.
  • If you are in favor of a classic decoration, you can also choose your runner from tasseled models.
  • If you cannot spare a lot of time for cleaning, you can choose one of the types of hallway carpets that can be washed in the washing machine.

Finding the Right Hallway Carpet for Decoration

The most important point in choosing a corridor carpet suitable for decoration is color harmony. Choosing a carpet that matches the wall and floor colors helps you for a more stylish look. When choosing the appropriate carpet color for walls and floors with contrasting colors, you can concentrate on the tones between the two colors. You can turn the contrast of the floor and the wall into an aesthetic appearance by choosing one of the gray, smoked and salmon tones that are compatible with almost every color. At the same time, you can reflect your style by choosing a corridor carpet in a color close to the wall color for a more holistic decoration. While looking for the right carpet to use in the hall of your home, you can bring a different atmosphere to the decoration by choosing the patterned options. 

How to Clean Corridor Carpet?

Carpet cleaning must be done carefully for the advantage of long-lasting use. For this reason, you can prevent dust formation by cleaning your hallway carpet every day or every two days. In this way, the service life of your carpet is extended and allergic reactions are prevented. In case of any stains on your hall carpet, you can get help from a wet cloth that you soap before the material causing the stain penetrates the lower layers of the carpet. Wiping the stained area by pressing lightly with a cloth helps to clean the stain in a short time. 

Hallway carpet prices vary depending on many factors such as color, size and design. You can immediately examine the newest models offered in the Apex Carpet collection and add the ones you like to your cart and buy them.

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