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Washable Carpet

Carpets face the risk of contamination many times, especially in frequently used living spaces. Mud, grass, tea, coffee, juice, paint, etc. If the stains are not dealt with quickly and effectively, it is possible for them to penetrate deep into the carpet and become permanent. It is also possible that some important diseases such as asthma or root odors may occur in the environment. The fact that the carpet can be easily lifted and folded and is especially washable in the washing machine no longer needs to worry about such problems. Produced by Apex   washable carpet Almost all of the varieties are suitable for washing in the washing machine. Carpets of this type, designed with different motifs, patterns, sizes and colors in the collection, are offered to your liking with a wide range of models. You can easily find the most suitable product for your home, furniture and personal taste from these collections, and you can easily wash your carpets without any hesitation, even on the most polluted places. 

What is Washable Carpet?

Machine washable carpet  These are carpets that you can throw in the washing machine and clean in a short time without much hassle. The size, texture and quality of this type of carpet are suitable for cleaning in the washing machine; so that even if they are washed many times, their colors do not fade and no deformation occurs in their structures. As long as you pay attention to the washing instructions, you can enjoy using your carpet in its first day form for many years. Mostly, these carpets are produced with fabrics such as acrylic, cotton or viscose. In the collections of Apex, you can find models in all kinds of patterns and colors, with and without fringes, on carpets designed to be washable. Among the most prominent features of this type of carpets are their thin and flexible structures. These rugs, which are mostly designed as thin and foldable to fit in the washing machine, can be easily and practically thrown into your washing machine, and you can easily carry them wherever you want. In addition, they usually dry quickly, preventing them from being damaged by moisture and the formation of bad odors. Rugs, runners, many types of carpets with non-slip soles are washable; It exceeds expectations in terms of both visual and hygiene. 

Can the Carpet Be Washed in the Washing Machine?

In order for a carpet to be washed in the washing machine, it must have certain features suitable for this process. Not all carpets are suitable for washing in a washing machine; Due to their size and texture, it may not be possible to clean these products in the machine effortlessly. Carpets that can be cleaned in the washing machine contain information about this feature in the washing instructions. If not, the carpet is not suitable for washing in the washing machine.  Carpet thrown into the machine   It can be easily folded into a triangle. Of course, the size of the carpet and the washing machine are also important. The size of some carpet models may be too big for your washing machine. Even carpets of 4 and 6 square meters in the Apex series can be easily folded and washed in many washing machines without any problems. When you pay attention to factors such as temperature, washing program and time, spinning process, detergent, you can easily wash your carpets in your washing machine without discoloration or deformation.

Things to Consider When Washing Carpets 

Thin washable carpet It is important that you take a look at the washing instructions on the products while cleaning the models. Since the texture, yarn, structure and quality of each carpet may differ, processing according to special washing conditions may extend the life of the product. Apex carpets are produced according to high quality standards and almost all models are washable. In general, the criteria you should pay attention to when washing your carpets are:

  • You can review the washing instructions of each product. 
  • Carpets are washed in the washing machine at an average temperature of 30 degrees. 
  • You can use a suitable detergent or wash your carpet without detergent. 
  • Tightening is not recommended; It is better to dry the carpets in the open air. 
  • High cycles, long programs and excessive heat can damage carpets. 
  • It may not be suitable for every carpet dryer. 
  • The use of bleach should be avoided. 
  • Cleaning or shaking the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner before washing allows you to achieve a more effective cleaning. 

Apex carpet models are mostly thin, light, flexible, easily foldable and portable, so they can easily fit in the washing machine. It is usually easier to fold the carpet into a triangle and insert it into the machine. Thus, you can even fold the runner models without damaging the carpet and place them in your washing machine.

You may not want to throw carpets in the washing machine every time they spill something or become locally soiled. Apex's models that do not hold much dirt that you can easily clean by hand,  carpet cleaning at home It offers you hygienic and visual comfort. Your quick response to stains and dirt prevents them from penetrating deep into the carpets and becoming permanent. You can remove stains and dirt with a mild soapy cloth or special carpet shampoos. 

You should dry the non-slip parts of gel-based carpets so that they do not face the sun. Otherwise, in time  non-slip gel-based carpets may experience a decrease in anti-slip properties. Keeping the carpets wet for a long time can damage their texture, but most of the products in the Apex carpet collections provide convenience to the users with their thin and fast drying structures. Taking care not to keep your carpet in a place that gets a lot of sun for a long time helps the product to preserve its texture as on the first day. It is beneficial to do the washing process during the daytime as much as possible, as it will be more difficult for the carpets to dry in the winter months and evening hours. 

Is Detergent Used While Washing Carpets?

Apex's carpets, which you can throw in the washing machine and wash without much effort, are generally made of cotton, acrylic, viscose, polyester fabrics. It is generally safer not to use fabric softener in 100% cotton carpet models. Any detergent containing bleach, especially bleach, should not be used when washing carpets. These products are both harmful to the texture of carpets; It also leads to negative results in terms of color, motif and patterns. You may not use detergent when washing carpets in the washing machine, or you may prefer more delicate detergents instead of harsh ingredients. By vacuuming your carpet at regular intervals, it can prevent dirt, dust and stains from penetrating into it; You can easily wash it in the washing machine, even with warm water without detergent. If you are going to clean by hand, you can use soapy water or other types of soap. Special carpet shampoos are also suitable for hand cleaning. 

Washable Carpet Models 

Apex’in  washable carpet models  It is offered to you in a wide range of products. Almost every carpet product of the brand is machine washable.  runner ve  rug It is possible to choose models with this feature and use them comfortably in your home without the worry of contamination or staining. Runners are the types of carpets with long and thin designs that are most frequently stepped on in living spaces and thus can be frequently soiled. It is of great importance that you buy these carpets in a washable quality since they have a high probability of contamination and it makes your life easier.  washable runner  You can use the models especially in the hallway of your home and in your kitchen. The fact that these areas are quite open to contamination is no longer a problem for most people, thanks to the ability of the carpets to be washed in the washing machine. 

It is possible to find washable style products in almost every carpet model. There are not only runner models, but also washable rugs in round and rectangular form. In terms of style, Apex carpet collections offer different types of carpets that can appeal to all tastes. A wide range of products await you, from classic patterns to modern styles, from Iranian culture to vintage/retro models. If you like authentic and traditional items, if your home decor is predominantly in this style, you can choose vintage, retro, Karabakh, ethnic, Morocco, patchwork washable carpets and rugs. The patterns of these carpets, which reflect the stories of ancient times in your living space and dazzle with their exotic air, become deeper as you look. You can wash these carpets in your washing machine, which helps you to be more peaceful and cheerful in your living space, and you can show your loved ones that you care about them by providing high-level hygiene effortlessly. 

It is possible to find many carpets designed in a more modern version blended with authentic, traditional motifs in Apex collections. If you are in favor of more minimalist, modern and simple designs, plain models, geometric patterns, striped-flowered carpets can add the touch you desire to your home. Pastel tones, light colors, modern lines and details are among the prominent features of the washable modern carpet. In addition, you can animate especially plain, minimalist decors impressively with lively-dynamic color and design lines. Models in black and white are one of the most popular styles in the modern and washable carpet range. 

cottage washable carpet  models offer you many advantages. These thin, flexible products, which can be easily folded and carried without losing their form, can be cleaned practically even if they are placed on heavily soiled areas. You can wash it in the washing machine and dry it quickly.  summer rugs It becomes ready for reuse in a very short time. With its refreshing appearance in hot weather, it adds a different energy and elegance to the environment. Carpets of this nature are also products that you can change more often. Affordable prices also support you to use different carpets and make innovations in your living space from time to time. 

Most of the washable carpets in the Apex collections also have non-slip soles.  non slip carpet After washing the varieties in the washing machine, you should be careful during the drying phase and do not leave the gel base facing directly to the sun. In this way, you can prevent the gel base from being damaged and you can use the product for many years. Despite their thin structure, gel-based washable carpets do not slip under your feet. Carpets with this feature increase safety, especially in homes with children and babies, and in environments where elderly people who may experience balance problems live. It is important to use non-slip carpets in these places, as washable carpets are more preferred especially in areas such as kitchens and corridors that are very dirty and can be used frequently and where accidents can occur. 

Ideal Uses for Washable Carpets

Carpets are more likely to get dirty in areas of your home that are used more than other areas of your home, and in rooms where children and babies often spend time. Most people step into the doorway without taking off their shoes when entering their home. In this case, it is possible for mud, germs from outside, grass and similar dirt to leave stains on the carpets laid in the entrance area. In addition, corridors are among the places that are printed as frequently as the entrances.  washable runner rug You do not need to be uneasy about the dirt that may arise from your shoes while entering your home with the round and round carpet models. You can easily lift and shake the runners and, if necessary, throw them in your washing machine and solve the problem in a short time. 

The kitchen, on the other hand, is one of the areas where the carpets can be most dirty and stained due to the spillage of food and beverages. Stains on your carpet from tomato, fruit juice, ketchup, oil and similar products are very disturbing. In addition, there is a risk that these stains will become permanent and not come off easily. In order to prevent this  machine washable kitchen rug You can get rid of many situations that can cause trouble and discomfort in this area of your home. Now, while your baby or child is eating in your kitchen, you can watch them without being too anxious, and if you get the carpet dirty with minor accidents, you can throw the product into the machine or shake it off easily with its light structure. 

There is no doubt that children's rooms are among the places where carpets designed in a style that you can wash in the machine are most needed. Open-mouth paints, colored pencils, food crumbs, drink stains, etc. in children's rooms. It is one of the most common causes of contamination of the carpets laid here. Also, babies and children mostly like to sit on the carpet and play games. Therefore, in order for them to live in hygienic conditions, many parents attach great importance to the best cleaning of the carpets in their rooms. Carpets suitable for washing in the washing machine are ideal for children's rooms. In addition, the non-slip sole provides extra security for children who run and play and want to get rid of their energy throughout the day. 

If you like to use carpets in the bathroom, you may be worried that the carpets in this area are often wet and dirty due to toothpaste and various products. In addition, damp carpets not only spoil the texture of the carpet, but also endanger the health of you and your loved ones. Washable, antibacterial, quick-drying and lightweight carpets are very suitable for the bathroom. Bathroom rugs designed by Apex come in many colours, styles and sizes. While hygienic conditions make you feel comfortable, carpet models make a small but effective touch to your decor with their aesthetic appearance. 

Considerations When Choosing Washable Carpets

Machine washable carpet  When choosing, it is of great importance that you pay attention to the quality of the product first. If the carpets do not have certain characteristics, their colors may fade after washing and cleaning processes, if they have fringes, they may deteriorate and break, the structure of the product may be deformed, and the fabric may fluff. At the same time, there are carpet models that lose their non-slip properties in the future. These and similar problems are unpleasant situations faced by many people who buy a washable carpet. For this reason, looking at the quality first when choosing a carpet means that you can avoid many problems. Apex's carpets, which are suitable for machine washing, are generally made of high quality cotton, acrylic and viscose fabrics. If the washing instructions are followed, no color fading, fabric deterioration or deformation can be seen even if it is washed in the washing machine many times. 

You can consider a few more criteria when choosing a carpet model that you can clean effortlessly and practically. For example, the size of your washing machine and the dimensions of the carpet you will buy should be compatible. The flexible, thin and light texture of Apex's carpets in this category allows them to be folded easily. In this respect, almost all washable models are suitable for most washing machines. In addition, if you evaluate the decoration and the general form of the area you will use, as well as your personal tastes when choosing a carpet, you can strengthen the aesthetic energy in your living space. A wide range is offered for your size and color preferences. Safety precautions are also important and minimize the risk of certain home accidents. Choosing products with non-slip soles saves you the trouble of fixing a carpet that is constantly moving, and is much safer. 

Washable Carpet Reviews

Shared user comments about Apex's washable carpet types are largely positive. Many people who are tired of carpet cleaning or cannot find enough time for it, mention that they feel very comfortable because they can wash the carpets in the washing machine. These carpets are generally very practical as they can be cleaned without the need for a special carpet washing machine or company. In general, the comments emphasize the lightness of these carpets, their quick drying and the fabric quality that extends the product life. Many users, who were worried that they might encounter deterioration or discoloration when washing the carpet in the washing machine, stated that they were satisfied because such a situation did not occur. Impressive carpet patterns, colors and models are also appreciated by users.  washable carpet prices   may vary according to the size, design, fabric threads and some distinguishing features of the products. If you wish, you can send your own measurements. During the campaigns  discount carpet prices, on the other hand, offer users a very profitable shopping opportunity. 

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