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What is Hurc?

December 23, 2022

Hurç is a quilted and cotton textile product produced from materials such as leather or tent cloth. It is used to store things, to provide order and to be tidy. It is sold in the market in various colors and forms. Bags prevent dusting and wear of clothes, carpets, quilts and all similar materials. It can be easily used in the bedroom, bathroom, children's room, pantry and other parts of the house. It also offers professional storage solutions not only at home but wherever it needs to be organized.

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What is Ethnic Carpet?

December 23, 2022

ethnic carpet; It is a type of carpet that carries the unique motifs and colors of the cultures belonging to different geographies and is woven with characteristic patterns. Ethnic carpet carries traces of the culture of the geography it belongs to. It is a very popular item with its traditional textures, especially in classic home decorations. The reason for this is that the ethnic carpet reflects the local carpet and rug motifs of different cultures. The cultural motifs of Asian countries such as Afghanistan and India, and African countries such as Morocco style are embroidered on ethnic carpets.
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Recommendations for Carpet Tassel Care and Cleaning

December 23, 2022

Tufted rugs add a small but very important detail to your room for a stylish look. Depending on use, these tassels and fringes can become dirty and worn over time. This can cause a bad appearance. However, it is possible to clean carpet fringes easily. The following cleaning recommendations for carpet fringe and fringe can help you:
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Puff Tips for Your Home

December 14, 2022

One of the best ways to add character, style and a new touch to your living room is to use a pouf. This functional and stylish furniture is very different from heavy and basic items. Poufs are used in almost every living area due to their compactness. Whether you have a classic or modern interior, it is possible to find a pouf model suitable for every style.
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How Carpet and Sofa Compatibility Should Be?

October 14, 2022

Carpet and sofa models, which are of great importance in home decoration, form an integrity with other elements of the environment with their colors and patterns. Carpet and armchair harmony is extremely important as they occupy a large space in living rooms and living rooms and are the first products that catch the eye. Thanks to the stylish carpet models offered, choosing a carpet according to the seat or choosing a seat according to your carpet is a very easy and fun process. There are many carpet models such as shaggy, bamboo, digital printing, jute, machine, hand woven, decorative and rugs.
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What is Shaggy Carpet? What are its features?

October 07, 2022

Carpets, which are indispensable elements of modern, ethnic and timeless decorations, stand out with their stylish appearance as well as many advantages such as thermal insulation. Carpets with thin, thick, long pile, short pile and lint types are suitable for use in all seasons. Carpet types that give a soft floor feel are called shaggy, which is obtained with long pile special weaving systems. Shaggy carpet types are produced in different options in terms of pile height. In this way, it can be used easily in seasonal transitions and in winter months. It can also be preferred to create a soft atmosphere in all decorations, since it is offered in a wide range of color options.
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Carpet Cleaning with Robot Vacuum Cleaner

September 29, 2022

Robot vacuums, which make house cleaning more effortless, are one of the increasingly popular smart home helpers. Robot vacuums, which have many advantages in terms of easy use, maintenance and cleaning, are devices that do floor and carpet cleaning for you. Some robot vacuum cleaner models also perform the wiping function with the mop feature. Robot vacuums are also very effective for daily floor and carpet cleaning.
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Curiosities About Carpet and Curtain Selection

September 22, 2022

Carpet and curtain harmony is very important in order to achieve a stylish look in the home environment. Since it is one of the most striking items at home, designs that complement each other attract attention. Other items in your environment also add fine details to the overall appearance of the carpet and curtain, creating the decoration. Of course, even in different rooms in the house, the harmony of carpets and curtains may vary. Even the theme, size, usage type and shape of the room affect the elegance in the choices you make.
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Popular Carpet Brands in Turkey

July 27, 2022

You can find brief information about popular carpet brands on the market today on our page. Here are the most popular carpet brands:
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How to Use Black Carpet in Home Decoration?

June 22, 2022

Black color, which is an indicator of power, nobility and simple elegance, continues to add an original atmosphere to your home. Offering an aesthetic alternative to those who are bored with classic home decoration, black is becoming more and more preferred in home textile products and accessories. It exhibits a simple but assertive appearance, especially when used on carpets that cover the floor and complement the entire room decoration.
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What is Carpet Moth and How to Remove Moth?

June 15, 2022

Moths that can survive almost anywhere in the world; It reproduces by feeding on carpets, rugs and clothes. Carpet or carpet in your living room, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom or home rug Any other area found could potentially be targeted by these tiny creatures. To prevent carpet moths from damaging your favorite carpets, you need to spot the signs of their presence and then safely destroy them. Let's take a closer look at carpet moths and how to deal with them.
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How should a living room carpet be?

June 08, 2022

The most flamboyant and important area of the house is the living room. Decoration is important for the halls where the guests are hosted, where the residents of the house often spend time and which have the largest dimensions. In order for your living spaces to have a stylish and spacious look, you should carefully choose the items you use in the living room. The most striking detail of the room is the carpet. Different carpet models can change the atmosphere of the living room. Living room carpet models vary for those who adopt different decoration styles such as classic, modern, retro and minimal. Color in carpet selection, pattern, size, style and ease of use are among the important criteria. You can create a unique style by paying attention to these points while decorating your living environment.
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