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Double Sided Rug

Double Sided Rug

If you are one of those who change your home decoration frequently, then you have found the carpet you should prefer. With a double-sided carpet, you are prepared for many situations, from changing the decoration color to changing furniture. There is no need for major changes, even when everything is the same, when you want a difference in the environment, you can create a completely different ambiance with your double-sided carpet.

What is Double-Sided Carpet and How Is It Used?

Produced using a special weaving technique, double-sided rugs carry the same pattern on the front and back. However, due to the weaving technique, the front and back have contrasting colors. For example, if the front consists of white dots in black, the back consists of black dots in white. Double-sided rugs, which have recently become very popular and widely used, are an ideal alternative for many environments with their practical use.

Double-Sided Rug Models

You can create a solution for every room of your home, even the balcony, bathroom, with the double-sided rug collection with a wide range of models. A large rectangular design for your living room. rug in narrow and long spaces such as halls and balconies. runner you can evaluate your options. With double-sided carpet models produced in many different sizes, you can choose the same pattern for each room and create a decoration for yourself with different sizes. Patterns consisting of two colors in general, may also consist of three colors in some rugs. Thus, you can find models suitable for the color you want to capture, as well as enlarge the difference that will occur in front and rear use.

Features of Double-Sided Carpets

  • It provides the opportunity to use the same pattern by changing it according to the season.
  • You can add an authentic look to the environment with self-fringed models that have the air of a hand-woven carpet.
  • chenille woven as material polyester and double-sided rugs using cotton do not shed. Therefore, it both contributes to the cleanliness of the environment and extends its own life.
  • It has models suitable for every space. With its ease of use, you can use it with peace of mind in all places such as living room, living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, hall, summer house.
  • You can get support from double-sided rugs for floor insulation by choosing from models to be used in underfloor heated areas.

How to Clean Double-Sided Rug (Carpet)?

One of the main reasons double-sided rugs are popular is their ease of cleaning. If you do not have a hobby such as spending a long time cleaning, you can really relax with a double-sided rug of your choice. One of the best solutions for high-traffic, crowded use environments is double-sided carpet. Each carpet has a different production technique, weaving style and material. For this reason, on the label that each carpet carries, there are special care rules and cleaning conditions for that carpet. Complying with these is extremely important for the life of your carpet and its vitality throughout that life. When using double-sided carpet, you should pay attention to the following:

  • You should stay away from harsh chemicals that will damage the strength, color and vitality of threads and weaving.
  • When a stain occurs in daily use, you should act very quickly. Time is very important for the stain not to settle and to hold onto the carpet permanently. You can interfere with the stain immediately and by making a tampon.
  • If you want, you can wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees by using the hand wash program.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is always the best and most reliable way for your double-sided rug.

Double-sided carpet models that differ from each other with their unique patterns; While displaying an aesthetic stance in your study, living room, and bedroom, it also supports changes that suit your mood. If you want to get rid of the monotony, you can immediately choose a double-sided carpet from the Apex Carpet collection and use one side in the morning and the other side in the evening.

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