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Office Carpets

Office Carpet Selection

As in all spaces, the decoration of your office cannot be complete without a carpet. Make sure you set the right tone for rooms where you spend most of your day and where important decisions are made.

The Right Size for Office Carpet

If the office layout is traditional, perhaps you have two chairs directly in front of your desk – in which case you have a few options:

  • A wide rug that runs upright under your table and 2 chairs to cover. 4 square meters throw away 6 square meters a rug would be ideal for this office.
  • You can put a carpet that runs parallel to your table and comes under the chairs. In this case, the carpet should be 120x180 and approximately 2 m2. 
  • Also, depending on the setup of your office, if you have a larger open space, such as a sitting room or an empty hall, you can place the rug in the center - it will give the room a balanced look.

Office Carpet What Should Be The Features?

  • office carpets When choosing, you should pay attention to the following factors.
  • The carpet to be selected should be durable and plain woven.
  • Colors should be in neutral tones such as gray, which does not tire the eyes in the working environment.
  • It may be necessary to put floor protectors under the office chairs to be used as they will be movable.
  • Offices are places where traffic is heavy and people walk around with shoes. Therefore, the office carpet is washable and resistant to stains.it is imperative.
  • Dark colors can be preferred to show less dust and dirt.

Office Carpet Prices 

Offices are different places from our homes, so when choosing a carpet for these spaces, first the function and then the aesthetics should be considered. carpet tile instead of creating a cold environment by laying with modern carpets you can add color to your office decor. leather rug , vintage carpet ve patchwork rugs You can choose it for your office decoration. Since these carpets are worn, they will show less dirt, and since they have different color and pattern alternatives, you can choose the one that suits your office decor.

We have chosen for you above. office carpet models You can see it and buy it online. With Apex assurance. 

Office Carpet Decoration Examples

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