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Carpet Dimensions

halı ölçüleri

State One of the first issues you will encounter when buying is carpet measurements. We have listed the standard carpet sizes below so that you can get the most suitable size carpet for your room.

Popular carpet sizes

4 (m2) square meter carpet dimensions

  • 150x230 cm
  • 160x230 cm
  • 170x240 cm
  • 160x240 cm

6 (m2) square meter carpet dimensions

  • 200x300 cm
  • 190x280 cm
  • 190x290 cm
  • 180x280 cm

3 (m2) square meter carpet dimensions

  • 140x200 cm
  • 150x200 cm
  • 150x190 cm
  • 130x190 cm

5 (m2) square meter carpet dimensions

  • 170x300 cm
  • 180x280 cm
  • 170x250 cm
  • 180x250 cm

Corridor Runner Carpet Dimensions

  • 80x300 cm
  • 100x300 cm
  • 80x250 cm
  • 80x200 cm

Bedroom carpet dimensions

  • 80x300 cm
  • 100x300 cm
  • 80x250 cm
  • 80x150 cm

How is carpet square meter calculated?

  • The width and length lengths written on the label of the carpet are found in cm.
  • If the label is removed, the length is measured in meters.
  • The width and length are multiplied by each other. For example 160 x 230 cm 
  • The result found is divided by 10,000. like 3.68 m2

The actual square meter is calculated by multiplying the width and length of a carpet. Then it is rounded to the nearest known dimensions. Popular sizes;

All of the dimensions below are considered to be approximately 4 square meters of carpet.

  • 150 x 230 = 3.45 m2
  • 160 x 230 = 3.68 m2
  • 170x240 = 4.08 m2

How to Take Carpet Size?

Before you start carpet shopping, measure the total width and length of your rooms. In addition, take the floor measurements of important functional parts such as dining table, bed, sofa, coffee table. Furniture layout and traffic flow (where to go to the room, where to eat food) on a simple sheet of paper Draw a floor plan showing This will make your job much easier when deciding on carpet sizes.

Halı ölçüleri

After taking the dimensions of your room, you must decide how the carpet will be placed in the room. For this, you can look at the sample room layouts below.

  • Should the carpet go under the seats? 
  • A smaller size rug to show off more of your floors?
  • Should dining table chairs protrude beyond the carpet when pulled out?
  • How much space should be left on the sides of the carpet to be laid in the entrance and runners?

After answering these questions, you can decide on your carpet size. Due to production techniques and ongoing habits, you can usually find standard carpet sizes in stores. 

Note down the current dimensions of the alternative carpet models you like. If you do not have the chance to see the carpet in the place where you will lay it before purchasing, measure a simple table cloth or pieces of newspaper and lay them on the floor. This will help you decide between alternative sizes.

4 square metersIt is a size where the most color and pattern types can be found. Online and physical carpet stores keep this size in their stocks. Because 4 m2 is the most used and sold size.

When it comes to 6 square meters (6m2) carpet, the first thing that comes to mind is 2x3 meters carpets. Or carpets in 190x280, 190x290 and 180x280 dimensions are also included in this class.

The size of 6 square meters is very suitable for living rooms and large living rooms. This size is the most suitable carpet to be used in living rooms, especially under a large coffee table. It can also be used under dining tables for 6 and 8 people. Again, it can be used in the middle of a triple, double and 2 single living room sets. it is a suitable size.

Hall and Living Room

Living rooms and living rooms are the living spaces where you spend the most time at home. You can benefit from the following scale layouts when choosing carpets in these areas. The most preferred carpet sizes in these areas, apart from exceptions; 140x200 is 160x230. Although less, 120x180 and 200x300 sizes are also preferred.

salon halısı 6 metrekare
salon halısı 4 metrekare.
Dinner table

A carpet suitable for the size of the table is generally preferred under the dining table in the dining rooms - in the area where the dining table is located in the common use. Carpet size can be determined by adding 30-40 cm in width and length.

For example;

  • A 160x230 carpet can be preferred for a table measuring approximately 90x160 for 4-6 people. (If the area is small, it can be 140x200)
  • A 160x230 carpet can be preferred for a table measuring approximately 100x200 for 6-8 people.
  • A 200x300 carpet can be preferred for a table measuring approximately 100x230 for 8-12 people.
yemek masası halı
yuvarlak yemek masası halı

Commonly used carpet sizes in bedrooms are shown in the diagrams below. In our country, two short carpets (80x150, 70x130) are placed on both sides of the bed and a long runner (80x300, 80x250) is placed at the head of the bed. Only one or two of these three pieces are placed according to the shape of the room and the spaces. Although not very common, another use is to place a large carpet (160x230) at the head of the bed, under the bed.

yatak odası halı takımı
Yatak odası büyük halı.

The size of the carpet in the kitchen, as in other places, depends on the shape of the kitchen and how much you want to cover the floor. Generally, 80x250, 80x300, 100x200 size runners are preferred in long kitchens. If your kitchen is square, 120x180, 133x190, 140x200 if it is small, 160x230 if it is larger (rarely) 160x230 If there is a dining table in the kitchen, you can use a 120x180, 133x190, 140x200 carpet under this table.

Hallway / Stairs

It is the areas with the greatest variety of structures in the houses. For thin and long halls, runners with a width of 70-80-100 cm and a length of 200-300 cm can be preferred. Also, in long corridors, 80-100-120 cm wide, ball runners that can be cut to the desired length can be used. In general, 120x180 cm. , 133x190, 140x200 sizes are preferred.

Carpet Measurement Tips
  • Measuring the area where the carpet will be used twice will eliminate inaccuracies.
  • Determine in advance whether the carpet will go under the seats and how much you want it to overflow from furniture such as the dining table and bed.
  • Go for the sizes that are easily available in the market. Determining a special size will reduce your color and model options.
  • Finally, before purchasing the carpet, you can lay the same size of newspaper paper as the carpet on the floor and have an idea about how the carpet will measure.