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Afghan Carpet

Afghan Carpet

When Afghan carpets are mentioned, it may be thought that these unique hand-woven carpet types are produced only in Afghanistan. But these carpets, which have a worldwide reputation, are usually woven by Afghan immigrants in and around Pakistan. Because Afghan rugs and carpets represent a special handicraft that was unearthed under the harsh conditions of the war environment in Pakistan. Afghan carpet, which has been a valuable part of the art of weaving for centuries, is today welcomed with great interest by wide circles. Afghan rugs and carpets, which predominantly use dark colors, have dense patterns and densely woven form, are also very popular as nomadic carpets. 

What are the Afghan Carpet Features?

Among the most distinctive features of Afghan carpets is that they have a very rich pattern content. In carpets where these mixed patterns are completed with white fringes, the image is also tried to be softened. Carpets with different geometric shapes and ornamented with motifs and small flowers are a unique reflection of Middle Eastern culture as a nomadic style product. In addition, one of the most distinguished features of Afghan carpets, which has been accepted worldwide, is the fact that heavy and vivid colors are successfully blended in harmony. Thanks to these carpets, which are predominantly red and burgundy tones, even simple furniture in homes looks much more ostentatious. For this reason, Afghan carpets can be easily preferred both in homes with classical furniture and in homes where a modern decoration approach is adopted.

What Are Afghan Carpets by Types?


Afghan carpets are generally woven from wool and handcrafted. These works are completed with silk or cotton fringes. However, if quality yarns are used in the Afghan carpet production stage, the product can be much longer lasting. Afghan Bilicik carpet, which is made using organic wool, has a model that does not lose its vivid colors and bright appearance over the years. Afghan carpets that contain the culture of the region and have a unique style are among Afghan carpets. butler rug and the Afghan Beaver rug. Afghan Beaver carpet is very durable as it is produced with kirman yarn. The prices of carpets, on the other hand, vary depending on many details, from the quality of the material used to the production method. Although hand-woven carpets are much more valuable, because they are sold at high prices, machine-woven models are also widely produced and sold at much more affordable prices. 

How to Clean Afghan Carpet?

The methods to be used in cleaning Afghan carpets vary according to the material, quality and form of the carpet. Carpets with root dye are washed much more easily as they do not give color. In addition, it is necessary to apply a certain washing method according to the type of yarn used. Since Afghan carpets are multi-featured carpets that reflect a culture and style, they are among the carpet types that are both rare and difficult to produce as well as cleaning. For this reason, they are often sold at very high prices. Since Afghan carpet prices are so high, various methods are developed for people to use these unique motifs in their homes at much more reasonable prices. In this direction, Afghan carpets are produced with exactly the same patterns by using printing techniques, even without hand weaving, and they are sold at much more affordable Afghan carpet prices. If you also love the models of Afghan carpets, but do not want to pay very high prices for hand-woven Afghan carpets, you can examine the stylish and useful Afghan machine carpet models in the Apex carpet collection. At Apex, you can easily find the model that will create elegance in your home and complete your decoration in the most harmonious way by purchasing the product.

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