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Children's Carpet

Children's Carpet

The choice of a children's room carpet will be more enjoyable than the choice of carpets for other rooms. While choosing a pastel-colored carpet for your bedroom, you can get lost among the vibrant colors here. But since the subject is children, there will be a few points that need attention.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Children's Room Carpet?

First of all, children's rooms are the areas where children spend the most time with their family and friends. While playing the game, you choose the carpet where the crumbs of the snacks will spill, various paints will splash around, the play dough will stick, the free feet will step on the carpet barefoot, and there will be heavy traffic on it. Therefore, you should give priority to the material of the carpet, in order to facilitate your selection in terms of the purpose of use and as it will be used in a very dirty place. You can examine thin models for children's play carpets, thick models for sleeping on and reading books, and antibacterial children's carpets for allergic bodies.

Which Carpets Are The Most Suitable For Children's Room?

  • Machine Carpets: Machine carpets made of artificial fibers that are resistant to staining and abrasion, combined with digital prints that will attract the attention of children, can offer many options such as starry children's carpet, children's car rug.
  • Wool Carpet: Wool carpets, which are mostly made resistant to stains by mixing with other fibers, have a softness to rest the feet. It can be preferred as a children's rug material due to its natural texture, durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Cotton Carpet: Cotton carpets can attract you with their ease of stain removal and the advantage of lifting the carpet while vacuuming the room because of their thin and light weight.
  • Polyester Carpet: Polyester carpets preferred for children who like to sleep on the floor because they are thicker than cotton carpets; It is one of the most preferred children's room carpets with its wide design options, practical cleaning and affordable cost.
  • Jute Carpet: Consisting of the softest natural fibers, jute carpets are produced from biodegradable and environmentally friendly vegetable fibers. These rugs, which are durable for many years with routine maintenance, are an option for children who like to go barefoot because they are very soft.
  • Bamboo Carpet: Bamboo carpets with natural shine and a feeling of coolness are the number one of the anti-allergic children's carpet options. Thanks to bamboo yarn, which is a natural fiber, your carpet will have antibacterial properties and it will not fade in color even in the most sunny rooms you have reserved for your child.

What size should a children's rug be?

Carpets measuring 80 x 150 cm or 120 x 180 cm are mostly preferred in children's rooms, but these dimensions may vary depending on the width of the room, the way it is laid, the ease of use of the carpet and even the taste. You can take a look at the children's room rug options for warm houses, the children's room runner options for narrow rooms, or you can choose a round children's rug.

If you have chosen the carpet material suitable for you and your child and decided on the dimensions according to the room, it is your child's turn. Instead of limiting it as a girl's rug or a boy's rug, choosing the rug for your own room together with your child will help your child own their room. As in every room, the harmony of your carpet with the colors of the walls, curtains and furniture is extremely important. While using a colorful carpet in a low-colored, regular, plain room adds a dynamic atmosphere to the room, placing a patterned carpet with vibrant colors in an already colorful room can cause confusion. That's why plain carpets are recommended for colorful rooms, and colorful-patterned carpets are recommended for plain rooms.

Things to consider when choosing a carpet for the nursery:

  • One of the most important elements for the children's room is the choice of easy-to-clean carpet material.
  • Knowing that they spend a lot of time on the carpet when buying a children's room carpet significantly affects the thickness of the carpet you choose.
  • Suitable dimensions for the usage area; square, rectangular or round carpet affects your choice.
  • Choosing the right color and pattern for the room allows you to use your carpet for many years without getting bored.

You can give your children's room a new look by choosing any of the Apex Natura Kids carpet types. Since the children's room rug is smaller in size than other rugs, its prices are also more affordable. Children's room carpet prices; varies according to models, dimensions and materials used.

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