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6 Square Meters Carpet

6 M2 Carpet Dimensions

The area of a carpet is found by multiplying its width and length. When it comes to 6 square meters (6m2) carpet, the first thing that comes to mind is 2x3 meter carpets. Or carpets in 190x280, 190x290 and 180x280 dimensions are also included in this class.

6 square meters carpet modelsIt is very suitable for living rooms, living rooms and large living rooms. This size is the most suitable carpet to be used in living rooms, especially under a large coffee table (1x1 m or 80x120 cm). It can also be used under dining tables for 6 and 8 people. It is a suitable size to be used in the middle of single living room sets.

4 m2 carpets are more suitable for under dining tables for 4 people.

6 m2 carpet prices are calculated by multiplying the width and length of the carpet by the square meter price. The yarn material of the carpet, the weight of the carpet and the weaving frequency are the main factors that determine the price of the carpet. 6m2  We present our carpets collection to your liking. 

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