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Non-Slip Carpet and Runner

Non-Slip Carpet and Runner

Carpets, which are one of the most basic items in everyone's home, are very important to maintain and clean, as well as the stylish appearance they will add to our homes. The carpets that we are in contact with in every room should always be clean against the negative effects of staining and contamination. Even though food and drinks that are accidentally spilled on the carpets seem to have been cleaned from the upper surface of the carpet, they may actually accumulate on the bottom surface of the carpet and cause bad odors. At the same time, carpets in an unhygienic environment can cause asthma and similar respiratory ailments and endanger the health of individuals at home. Non-slip carpets are products with many models that you can use without hesitation against all kinds of stains, dust and dirt. Various accidents may occur on slippery floors as a result of moving quickly and carelessly in areas where there is a lot of hustle and bustle of daily life in the house. Slippery floors and parquets can pose a danger to every individual who is not in strong physical condition, especially children and the elderly. It is very important to choose non-slip carpet models in order to prevent these and similar situations and to secure every individual in the house. Non-slip carpets are gel-based according to the purpose of use and the area of the area where they will be used. plush carpets, non-slip patchwork carpets, non-slip anti allergic carpets, gel-based hairless or gel-based hairy has many sub-categories and options. With non-slip carpets, you can examine many models and sizes of carpets that will both appeal to your taste and ensure your safety, and you can choose the most suitable non-slip carpet model for you. 

Non-Slip Carpet for Solid Grounds

Carpets, which are an inevitable part of daily life, can be used in many areas. It is used in the entrances, corridors, halls, bathrooms, kitchens, children's rooms, bathrooms and all other rooms of the house both to add an aesthetic appearance in terms of decorative and to ensure the hygiene of the house. Laying non-slip carpets will be a very suitable choice in muddy, dusty or stained and quickly dirty environments. Some of the ideal areas of use of non-slip carpets, which can be preferred in many different sizes and models, are given below:

  •       The baby's room, nursery or teenager's room is one of the areas where washable carpets are most preferred. Children can get very dirty while playing or eating. kids room rugs It should be washed frequently and a gel-based baby room carpet should be preferred against the danger of babies falling or being shaken.
  •       Laid in front of doors and house entrance runnersIt will absorb dust and dirt due to being stepped on with shoes and slippers. For this reason, gel-based runners or runners for places that are frequently stepped and slipped. washable rugs available.
  •       Kitchens, where the most time is spent in daily life, are among the most common places with difficult stains. Tea stains, coffee stains, splashing oils, fruit juices, fruit and vegetable stains, tomato paste dishes, chocolate and ice cream residues and countless food and beverage residues can cause both stains and deformations on carpets. That is why it is one of the most suitable types of carpet for the kitchen. non slip kitchen rug will be.
  •       Bathrooms are one of the most used areas during the day. Bathroom carpets should be changed frequently, as wet or humid areas may cause the formation or reproduction of bacteria, viruses and similar microorganisms. Thanks to the non-slip carpets, which are very practical to use, you can prevent unwanted toothpaste stains, mouthwash and many other problems in your bathroom and achieve a hygienic environment.

Non-Slip Carpet Cleaning Suggestions

Non-slip carpets have a suitable size that can fit in the washing machine and have a light structure compared to other carpets. It is possible to wash easily with suitable washing machine detergents and the most suitable temperature for the type of carpet without effort. Carpets, which are inevitably constantly underfoot and used frequently, are not washed in the washing machine because they are easily soiled and contain stains. washable rugs preferable. Effortlessly done using the washing machine carpet cleaningIt provides great convenience in emergency situations. The temperature of the washing machine and the chemicals to be used can be determined according to the type and structure of the carpet to be washed in the washing machine. Although it varies according to the type of carpet, it is recommended to throw the washable carpets into the washing machine at around 30 degrees. Washable carpets should be cleaned with a washing machine without wringing, so that there is no wrinkling in the carpet structure or any hardening in the carpet texture. Various softeners can also be preferred for washable carpets that are all cotton. If the washable carpet is not wanted to be thrown into the washing machine or if there is an emergency that cannot wait for the washing machine to wash, it is possible to use various carpet washing shampoos as an alternative. These non-slip carpets are one of the most durable product types thanks to their longevity and practicality. Non-slip carpets that are too large to fit in the washing machine can be cleaned with warm water and a cloth without using bleach or chemicals that will not damage the color of the carpet.

What are the Points to Consider While Washing the Carpet?

Thanks to the carpet models that can be washed in the washing machine, you can meet the cleaning needs of your carpets without the need for any carpet washing machine or any carpet washing center. These carpets, which can be cleaned without the need for any equipment or parts other than a washing machine, have a wide variety of product washing instructions. Depending on the size, model and usage area of the non-slip carpet, it should be washed so that no deformation occurs on the carpet. If the carpets are thrown into the washing machine at very high temperatures or at high speeds, there is a possibility of various damages on the carpets. If the product usage instructions are applied in the most appropriate way to the type and size of the carpets, the life of the carpets will be long and they will not be damaged easily. Another issue is related to the use of detergent, bleach, carpet shampoo and similar chemicals by adding them into the washing machine or applying them directly on the carpet without a washing machine. Bleach can cause the colors of the carpets to fade due to its chemical structure. Instead, the stained area can be intervened before the stains reach the deepest areas. Afterwards, the cleaning of the carpets can be ensured by choosing a detergent that will not damage the carpet due to its chemical structure, depending on the type of carpet. In this way, discoloration, hardening of the texture of the carpet, damage to the fringes of the carpet and similar situations are prevented. Some carpets may not be dried using the dryer. Conditions such as wrinkling, hardening and drying of the carpet surface may occur due to the dryer. In the sun drying method, which is another method, there is a possibility that the colors of the carpets will fade. Non-slip carpets should not be kept under the sun for a long time and drying processes should be carried out with various protective measures. In order to avoid these and similar situations, the instructions for use of the washable carpet should be read carefully. In this way, the quality of the washable carpets on the first day of purchase will not deteriorate, and they can be used for long periods without damage.

Decoration Tips with Non-Slip Carpet Models

Non-slip carpets or gel-based carpet Latex technology is used in these carpets, known as Non-slip carpets attract attention thanks to their light structure, thinness, easy shaking and drying, size that can fit in the washing machine, being easily transportable from one area to another, and easy use. Its dimensions can have fixed dimensions such as 4 square meters or 6 square meters, or it can be reshaped and designed according to the dimensions of the room where you prefer the use of washable carpet and the area where you will lay the carpet. Non-slip carpets can be differentiated into different models in many respects according to the production material, the quality of the fabric used, the cut shape, the length of the hairs on the carpet surface and the design of the carpet. Non-slip carpets can be produced from cotton or fabric types such as viscose and acrylic. Washable carpets, which are designed to be suitable for every room and every area, can be used with or without fringe, optionally. Washable carpets that can add stylish looks to your homes in many colors and models can also be preferred as rugs, runners or mats. Non-slip carpet models, which can be preferred in both classic and modern styles, can be designed as rectangular, square, round or elliptical to add the most stylish look to your home.

What are the Points to Consider When Choosing a Non-Slip Carpet?

Before choosing a non-slip carpet, the area where this carpet will be used should be determined. After the purpose of use is determined, the dimensions of that area are taken. In line with the measurements taken, appropriate sized non-slip carpet models are checked. The model to be chosen will also add a stylish look to your home if it is in colors compatible with the other items of the room. In addition, factors such as the type and quality of the materials from which the carpet is produced, the fact that the fabrics used on the carpet surface do not pile up, that the fringes of the carpet are in order and that there is no break are also very important. Another point to be considered when choosing non-slip carpets is that the carpets do not slip on the surface on which they will be used. Washable carpets, which are designed to fit in the washing machine and provide practicality with their easy-to-use structure, can cause such problems due to their thinness. Thin washable carpet Having a non-slip feature is especially necessary for bathrooms that can stay wet all the time, kitchens where water use is quite frequent, or baby and children's rooms where the risk of falling is high. If you prefer washable carpets with a non-slip structure, the area where we will use the carpet will be safer. It is important to pay special attention to this situation, as situations such as falling can often occur in homes with children or elderly people. You can reduce the risk of any injury or sprain by falling on the hard floor by using non-slip washable carpets in your homes, and thus you will take the necessary precautions for your health. At the same time, parents who have small children at home should make a choice considering the possibility of the child crawling on the floor and swallowing feathers. It is easier for children to step on softer carpets and can create a more comfortable playground for children. Non-slip carpets are among the most suitable carpet models for both cleaning and creating a comfort zone. You can make the right choice for your home by considering all the criteria in order to make the most appropriate choice for the safety of the individuals at home, the harmony of the washable carpet in the room, the quality of the gel-based carpet and many more.

Why Should You Prefer Gel Floor Carpet?        

Non-slip carpets grip the floor strongly and carpet non-slip pad It provides you and your loved ones protection against all unwanted accidents without the need for use. Gel-based carpets are among the most preferred models for families with children, elderly individuals, crowded offices, conference rooms with constant entry and exit, bathroom floors that are often wet and causing slipping, and many more living areas with both its useful structure and aesthetic appearance. . Gel-based carpets, which come with thin non-slip carpets, runners, rugs and many more alternatives, will add freedom and elegance to your movement area. At the same time, non-slip carpets, which are specially produced in anti-allergic structure, protect your health and provide the necessary hygiene by preventing the reproduction of microorganisms such as various bacteria, viruses and microbes. Non-slip carpet models can be designed to be compatible with the furniture, curtains, parquet color and texture of the walls. Thanks to the gel-based carpet models that you can reflect your style in the best way, your home can have a very stylish appearance as a whole. For example, if you have furniture or walls in light color tones such as cream, white and beige, choosing more colorful non-slip carpets can add vitality to your home. Your non-slip carpets will add a sparkle to the area you will use, and you may have the opportunity to use them in the most suitable area with a wide variety of pattern alternatives. Non-slip carpet models designed and produced in square, round, elliptical or rectangular shapes can also be used in many patterns. and has many alternatives such as ring patterns. Thanks to the non-slip carpet weaving technique, its structure can be used for many years without any damage or deterioration. At the same time, non-slip carpets, which are resistant to all kinds of temperature changes, do not cause any problems such as cracking, shedding, swelling, blistering and pilling. Since both the surface of non-slip carpets and the base of the carpet are produced with polyester materials, it is not observed that the carpet causes bad odors. Non-slip carpets do not hold dirt, dust and moisture on their surface and do not trap them inside. Dirt and dust that does not go deep into the bottom layer of the carpet can be easily cleaned from the surface of the carpet by means of a vacuum cleaner. For this reason, non-slip carpets are very easy to maintain and clean. 

Non-Slip Carpet Reviews

Carpets, which have a wide variety of models and designs, are one of the most important parts of the decoration of homes. While transforming your home into a warmer atmosphere, they also create a pleasant comfort environment for you. Gel-based carpets stand out because of their light weight, flexible structure, wide variety of models, effortless washing and easy cleaning, and are favorably interpreted by users. However, in cases such as washing non-slip carpets in a washing machine at high speed or at high temperatures, or using various chemicals on the carpet that can damage the texture of the carpet, the carpet may be damaged. It has also been observed that there are negative comments about washable carpets that are deformed, discolored or structure deteriorated due to these and similar problems. If the instructions for use of gel-based carpets are carefully read and the necessary operations are carried out carefully in this direction, the probability of any deformation in the carpet is very low. For this reason, it is not right to be stuck on comments caused by user error. If you follow the product usage instructions and do what is necessary, it is possible to use your non-slip carpet for long periods of time in any area of your home. 

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