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Green Carpets

Green Carpets

It is seen that green and its tones are frequently preferred among decoration trends recently. Especially those who are bored with the chaos of city life and seek escape routes, at least in their living spaces, turn to green, which represents nature and peace. Although it is included in the cold color family, you can prefer the relaxing effect of green and its tones, which evokes nature, in your general decoration and especially in stylish green carpet designs.

Blend Classic Style and Natural Colors in Your Living Spaces

One of the most compatible colors with green in the color palette is light brown. Although it basically creates a contrast, the harmony of the wood form preferred in the decoration of brown and the green carpet models creates a perfect color harmony. Water in classic decoration styles The details in the curtains and throw pillow fabrics, which are in harmony with the green carpet, create an extremely balanced atmosphere with the wooden sofa set. On the other hand, if you are dreaming of a more dynamic and lively space by using the same style, you can also combine the water green carpet models with the floral patterns of the elements in the environment. The most preferred in this regard are wallpapers with floral patterns. You can transform your room into a Scandinavian style with carpet colors and a wallpaper with different shades of green, pillows in similar color scales and a stylish lampshade.

If you like to combine gold, which is considered the color of splendor and magnificence, with black in a classical style, it is recommended to choose a dark green carpet that will give a palace atmosphere. You can bring the inspiring effect of olive green curtains in harmony with the carpet, which breaks the aristocratic atmosphere of the environment and is used as a warm decorative element, into your living space. If you want a soft color balance in a single move by destroying its classical-looking but modern style and magnificent appearance, you can use green cream carpet models in the area. The green carpet may be the most suitable color for the classical style furniture with foliage, which is preferred in an area dominated by gold and pink. In order to make the classical style look avant-garde, you can include gold patterns on small items such as a painting, mirror or trinket.

The Color Most Suitable for Hygiene Environments: Green

The kitchen is one of the areas where green carpet models, which offer a natural and clean look, are most suitable. The white color, which is frequently preferred for a hygienic appearance in these areas, when combined with a mint green carpet, creates a color ambiance that is both spacious and peaceful. Curtains or wallpaper in the same tones can be preferred to accompany the preferred green-toned carpet with white kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Green carpet models in small sizes, which can be preferred in large bathrooms for a natural and clean appearance, make a practical use in decoration. Contrary to the white ceramic or tile cliché, the green wall color to be preferred in dark tones and the khaki green carpet design catches a very harmonious line. With the correct placement of the remaining objects, a color balance is created in the decor, while a warm bathroom image is created in the general environment. You can also choose the green color decoration for your children who most deserve to sleep in a peaceful environment. You can create an eclectic style by detailing the young room furniture, which generally consists of cream or white colors, with green carpet models. The rest of the items in the children's room, which creates a simple but fun space, are entirely up to your child's imagination...

If you want to create a natural texture design in your bedroom, you can use a forest-themed wallpaper with a green carpet of your choice. If you choose your curtains or bedspreads from linen fabrics, you can add a very modern naturalness to the environment. Apex Carpet is waiting for you for stylish green carpet designs suitable for the decoration of your living spaces.

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