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Black and White Carpet

Black and White Carpet

Carpet, which is one of the oldest and most popular flooring materials of living spaces and home decoration, has a great role in a good decoration. A good decoration is almost complete when the type, type, form and colors of the carpet are in harmony with the environment. Black and white carpet types, which adapt to every style and complement each other, can be easily decorated in any environment and add an aesthetic atmosphere to homes. 

What are Black and White Carpet Models?

Black and white carpets, which are in the most harmonious and compatible color scale, are very often preferred thanks to their increasing variety and wide usage area. Black and white carpet models, which come together with the perfect harmony of black and white, have a wide product range according to criteria such as design, form and weaving, apart from technical details such as dimensions and quality of materials used. In addition, these carpets, which have a very wide usage area, can be used in almost every area of the house, from living rooms to living rooms, from bedrooms to guest rooms, from kitchens to entrances. Apex black and white carpet models; It draws attention with its checkered, goose foot pattern, lozenge-sliced and classic black and white striped carpet patterns. While the designs of the products, which are different from each other, appeal to every segment, they also provide the highest level of comfort with their texture.

How to Choose Carpet and Runner in Home Decoration?

The choice of carpet has an important place in determining the integrity of the decoration for all rooms in the house. But it should not be forgotten that different types of carpets are needed in every place. The decoration of the place, the furniture used, the curtains chosen, the wall color and all the accessories should be complementary to each other. Although the selection of the runner may seem easier at this point, it should be compatible with the decoration as a whole. Black and white runner models serve as a savior as they easily adapt to any decoration.

A few tips to consider when choosing carpets and runners in home decoration are listed as follows:

  • Since carpets and runners can get dirty easily, care should be taken that they are made of stain and trace-proof and easily washable materials.
  • Choosing non-slip-based models is another important detail, since the constant slipping of carpets and runners will cause home accidents as well as a bad appearance.
  • The size of the room is also very important when choosing a carpet. You should not ignore the products with narrow and long, oval, circular or square forms according to the shape and square meter of the room.

How to Choose a Black and White Kitchen Rug?

Choosing a kitchen rug is one of the most important details. It is necessary to be meticulous when choosing kitchen carpets, where all food residues such as stains, dirt, marks and crumbs can be easily contaminated. The fact that the carpet is stain-proof, easy to clean, washable and cleanable plays a big role in the selection of kitchen carpets. In addition to such technical features, it is important that it exhibits a stylish stance with its designs. For those who do not prefer light colors in their kitchen carpets, black and white patterned carpets would be a good alternative. In addition, black and white kitchen carpet models can be preferred, as it will not pose any risk in terms of harmony with kitchen furniture and built-ins. For those who do not prefer light colors, black and white gray carpet models provide a soft transition and offer an elegant atmosphere in order to break the white color.

How to Clean Black and White Carpets and Runners?

Black and white carpets need frequent cleaning. Due to its white color characteristics, it causes a bad appearance when dirty. When combined with black, the white part is required to be clean. Therefore, to clean two contrasting colored carpets such as black and white, you need to vacuum the carpet regularly every day. Thus, you will extend the color harmony and service life of the carpet. For stains on black and white carpets and runners, using a soapy cloth and wiping the carpet with light pressure is sufficient to make the stains disappear.

Black and white carpet prices; It differs according to its quality, size, material used and design. With price ranges that vary according to product features, you can easily reach models that appeal to every budget among Apex black and white carpet types.

Black and White Carpet Decoration Examples

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