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Tumbled Carpets

What Does Tumbled Carpet Mean?

Tumbled carpets are hand-woven carpets woven with cotton and wool threads. In the past, people in Anatolia trimmed wool from sheep and goats and turned it into threads and gave color to the threads with root crops they found in nature. They embroider their mood on carpets with motifs. Although some motifs are improvised, they definitely carry traces of the regions. The tumbled hand-woven carpets collected from Anatolia seem to be a representation of past experiences. The threads of these carpets are hand knotted on the warp threads. Rows of loops are formed by knotting each pair of warp threads, which are arranged in a frame neatly side by side, with silk, rayon or wool threads. This type of carpet is produced by wefting at least one row to compress the loop row. Two different types of knots, Turkish and Iranian, are used when creating these aged carpet models. The loop that goes around the two warp wires is pulled out between the warp wires. In this way, the knot wraps both warp wires. This method is called the Turkish knot technique. An aged carpet produced with this technique can preserve its color and beauty for many years. The technique that leaves one end of the loop free and loops around a warp wire is called the Iranian knot. The patterns and colors of the carpet produced with this technique can be erased after being used for a while. Worn-out carpets, which are unlikely to be produced in terms of costs under current conditions, are being recycled. For this reason, the carpets you have used in the past are taken and passed through several processing stages, thus gaining new identities. The aged carpet is subjected to many processes such as washing, fading under the sun, shaving and many more, according to the demands of the customers. Again, according to the customer's request, carpets without current colors are dyed. The ones with tears on them are cut and reassembled with hand sewing. If it turns out  tumbled patchwork carpet models come out. These carpets, which come in many varieties, appeal to all tastes. You can choose different types for different rooms of your home or different models of one type. By deciding on the color, pattern and model that reflects you, you can use aged carpets, so you can bring the feeling of living to your homes.

Why Are Old Carpet Models Used?

In the digital world where the longing for the past is rapidly increasing, it is a pleasure to have something from the old times in your homes. When choosing furniture, carpets or rugs for decorations, products that are handcrafted are preferred. For this reason, carpets, which are one of the sine qua non of homes, gain a new style with tumbled carpet models. The use of carpets, which are used for more than one purpose, can vary according to the needs of the people. 

  • Like any carpet, its primary use can be isolation. Carpets that provide insulation during the winter months preserve the heat of the house. 
  • It prevents your little children from falling and getting hit while crawling or running. For this reason, carpets turn into an important household item for security.
  • With its non-slip structures, especially families with children can use it safely. 
  • Carpet provides a quieter environment by preventing disturbing sound transitions between floors. 
  • It provides comfort for you to sit and play with your children. 
  • It offers an aesthetic appearance. 
  • The texture and color of the carpet you choose will completely change the atmosphere of the room. 
  • The carpets you choose determine your style. 
  • It improves the air quality of the room as it is swept regularly.
  • The sole does not shed and does not smell.
  • Worn carpet is also used a lot because it does not show dirt and dust. Due to this feature, it is also preferred in offices. 

Apart from carpets, there are also worn rugs.

  • It can be used as a carpet.
  •  It can be used as an accessory by hanging it on the wall. 
  • It can be cleaned more easily because it has no lint on it.
  • Families with small children can choose it very much, as they do not have feathers on them. 

You can use it with peace of mind by choosing from carpet or kilim models, which are among the aged carpet types.

How Is Tumbled Carpet Made?

Tumbled carpet, with its quality workmanship, refers to the carpets that were woven in ancient times and survived until today. Carpets woven by hand with high quality cotton yarns preserve their first-day state and bring experience with them. Carpets, along with old clothes and items, are now very fashionable and are beginning to be preferred by many people. This worn-out carpet, which has become fashionable today, becomes the focus of everyone with its different styles and models. These carpets, which are painted with matte or vibrant colors that will add a different atmosphere to your homes, turn into a work of art in your new homes. Tumbled carpet is made by collecting old carpets and going through a series of processes. Carpets that were first used in ancient times and are not used now are collected. These are generally carpets that people cannot evaluate and cannot afford to throw away. In terms of hygiene, the first thing to do is washing. Afterwards, they are separated according to their models, yarn type and patterns. The processes to be applied for each carpet are determined one by one. Some carpets are trimmed. The shaved carpet is painted if necessary. Those whose paints have been erased are painted if necessary. The deformed ones are repaired. The worn carpet has an aged appearance thanks to the yarn used in its warp. With this new look, it stays in your home like a legacy. By choosing from the colors, patterns and models you want suitable for your furniture, you can turn your home into a more spectacular one.

What is the Difference Between Tumbled Carpets and Vintage and Retro Carpets?

Vintage and Retro, which are among the two most preferred models with their wide color range and models, are among the aged carpet types. Tumbled carpets include vintage and retro carpets. For a product to be vintage, it must belong to a certain period. The most important feature of vintage carpets is that they do not have a match, that is, they are unique. It is only possible to make or find a similar one. vintage worn carpet,  retro carpet  very confused with. In fact, there is a very subtle difference between them. Vintage goes from the past to the present, while Retro goes from the present to the past. Retro carpet models are called carpets that are produced with completely new technologies and whose style is old. In vintage, on the other hand, the old style is not the style, but the carpet itself. Vintage is older to touch than Retro models. Since original carpets are used in vintage models, they may be priced higher than retro models. Since it is unique to vintage carpets, carpets that resemble it can be produced. These new carpets are called Retro. You can examine the Vintage and Retro carpet models, which are among the aged carpet types, and you can add an old or old modern look to the room where you will use the carpet, by choosing the one you want according to your taste.

Tumbled Carpet Types for Every Style

Worn-out carpet types with different colors and models that appeal to all styles add a new ambiance to your homes. It offers you more options with its models in different patterns among its many varieties.

  • vintage rugscan be counted among the natural and dyed products woven between 1920 and 1970. The word vintage is used for unique and rare items. These carpets have rare patterns. The existing pattern is worn out without any dyeing process.
  • Patchwork carpet, the first examples of BC. It is found in 100 years. It appears as the name given to patchwork, which is a joining technique in Anatolia. The remaining pieces of hand-woven fabrics, which were valuable before the industrial revolution, emerge as prayer rugs, bedspreads and patchwork carpets. Carpets, which go through many different processes such as withering and dyeing, are cut and assembled in different ways. In this way, different models of Patchwork carpets emerge. One of the most important features of these carpets is that the sewing and finishing processes are done by hand. With its colors and patterns, it radiates positive energy to the environment they are in. 
  • Persian rugsis woven with the Iranian knot, which is a special locked weaving method. Thanks to this method, carpets are more durable and longer lasting. Generally, silk and wool are used in weaving. The production of these carpets, which have been woven quite a lot in the past, continues, even if it is less. After these worn Persian carpets are collected, they go through processes such as washing, dyeing, trimming, and gain their new form. Persian carpets are at the top of the art of carpet weaving.
  • The retro carpet bears the traces of the 1960s and 1970s. The word Retro, which means belonging to the past, covers the old-looking but new carpets. Transformed hand-woven carpets mean that they come to life again. If you have a modern house and want to have a nostalgic look, it can be the right choice. 
  • Karabakh rugi is woven on a dark background with colorful motifs. In ancient times, it was generally used as a tapestry. The woven rugs reflect those periods. Reflecting the moods and emotions of the people who weave them, these unique rugs are each a work of art with their elegant motifs and improvised models. Due to their rarity, the price may be a little higher than other models.
  • Hand woven rugs are a handicraft process that requires patience and care. These rugs are woven on the loom according to the knitting method. Unlike the carpet, there is no fluff and fluff on it. Wool materials are used in the knitting part. Plant roots are used for dyeing. Although rugs were used as bundles and blankets to wrap things in the past, they are now preferred for decoration purposes. Thanks to the robustness of the weaving techniques and the strength of the yarns used, it has survived to the present day. It is especially used in Anatolian culture.  handwoven rugsis preferred by many. It provides a unique harmony in both modern and classical houses. Their longevity allows them to be passed down from generation to generation like a legacy. Hand-woven lint-free rugs made with plain weave are also preferred because their cleaning is practical and fast.

These obsolete models, the differences of which belong to the experiences and periods, definitely bear traces of the period in which they were made. You can feel that period at home, albeit a little, by choosing the one you want among the varieties.

Worn Carpet Models in Different Colors

Carpets, which are an integral part of your home, can be used in the hall, living room, kitchen, children's room and even in the bathroom. No matter which room you use aged carpets for, when you achieve harmony with the furniture, they have a magnificent appearance. Tumbled carpet models with different colors and patterns add joy to your homes with their chirping colors. It offers you many color options to achieve harmony with your furniture. You can choose modern, Turkish or sports style with the color carpets you want. The aged-patterned carpet types that you can combine with your furniture can be used for any decoration that suits your style. It changes the atmosphere of your home with its color range that you can match with each combination. You can add vitality to your furniture by using vibrant colors such as sax blue and fuchsia, or by choosing pale colors, you can give your home a modern but also old feel. Spring is coming to your home with flower patterns painted with vibrant colors. Carpets with garden patterns and medallion motifs are also among the options. If you want to use aged rugs instead of carpets, the rugs have a variety of colors to choose from. You can use rugs in all rooms or in the rooms you specify, choosing it according to your furniture. Carpet models with large flowers or animal figures that you can use as accessories on one wall of your room are also among the options. After you have decided in which style you will decorate your home, you can evaluate the carpet or rug options. You can buy it with confidence and use it for many years.

Worn Carpet Models for Every Budget with Attractive Prices

The choice of carpets in home decoration is at least as important as the furniture. Old carpet models in different styles can attract your attention while decorating your homes. Tumbled carpet can be exactly what you need with its many different models. Your old carpets can have a brand new look after a few treatments. Your old carpets, which you see as a surplus for your home, can be made useful by going through several stages. Even if you do not have an old carpet in your home, you can have the real one with attractive aged carpet prices. Tumbled carpets, which are painted in soft colors such as water green, ice blue and gray, also have models painted in colors such as green, pink and fuchsia. Prices for carpet aging models may vary depending on the operations performed. Washing, dyeing, bleaching and many other criteria are effective. In addition, factors such as the period it was woven, its motifs, how old the carpet is, what condition the carpet is in, the frequency of weaving and its shape can affect the price. Damaged, defective carpets that cannot be repaired go through many stages while being converted into patchwork. This may cause the price to increase. Rugs, which are among the worn carpet models, may vary in price according to their region, material and motifs. The price may vary depending on the square meter of the model you choose for carpets and rugs. As the square meter increases, the price also increases proportionally. You can filter the carpets and rugs suitable for your budget, and view the ones closest to the model you are looking for. You can buy with confidence by choosing the ones that are suitable for the decoration of your home. 

How to Clean Worn Carpets That Are A Work of Art?

Worn-out carpets, which are works of art, have more labor. It can be cleaned daily by sweeping like your other normal carpets. Care should be taken to wash these carpets, which are not difficult to maintain. Carpets of this type need to be washed with care, just like their use. Trying to remove the stain on the surface of the worn carpet with very hard brushes can damage the hand seams. In accordance with the instructions given, it is necessary to be sensitive in the stain removal process. In order to remove stains, care should be taken not to use stain removing chemicals that will damage the color of the carpet. Old-looking carpets and places that are safe for washing are preferred. It is done by hand carpet washers who are competent in cleaning. During washing, care is taken not to use chemicals that will damage the texture of the carpet, such as bleach. Most of the carpets can be washed in the machine at low speed. If the aged carpet you choose is machine washable, it can be done in the machine, and if the size is large, it can be done by choosing a reliable company from the companies that do hand-woven carpet cleaning. In order not to damage the vividness of the colors, they should be dried by laying out without being exposed to direct sunlight. If you have a pet at home, you should not ignore that it can damage such special and hard-to-find carpets. Instead of the original, you can choose worn-looking carpets. You can get detailed information about maintenance, cleaning and washing from companies that make tumbled carpets.