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Retro Carpets

Retro Carpets

Another issue that is as important as furniture in home decoration is the choice of carpet. Since it covers a large part of the room, the chosen carpet plays a very important role in completing the decor. The retro style, which has been popular in the fashion world in recent years, has become frequently preferred in home decorations and therefore carpet models. Retro carpet models started to form an important part of nostalgic decorations. So, what is retro that is often confused with “vintage” style and what does it mean as a period?

What is Retro?

The word “retro” is of Latin origin and means “of the past, covering the past”. Retro style, on the other hand, refers to models that bear the traces of the 1960s and 1970s. As a style that imitates recent trends or fashions, retro encompasses products that look old but are completely new. To give an example, the popularity of big hoop earrings, which were in fashion in the past, is expressed in retro.

What is the Difference Between Retro and Vintage?

Although “retro” and “vintage” styles are actually very close to each other, there is an important difference between them. Retro is used to denote products that look old-fashioned but are completely new. Vintage, on the other hand, defines products that are old, not style. Continuing with the above example, if we have a large hoop earring from ancient times, it is expressed as vintage, not retro. Because the thing itself is old.

With Which Decoration Style Can We Use Retro Carpets?

Retro carpet is the resurrected version of hand-woven carpets belonging to many regions of Anatolia. The retro carpet, which is a great option for capturing nostalgic breezes in modern homes and has various sizes, can be used in any decoration, although it is primarily suitable for decorations consisting of retro furniture. The important thing is to achieve harmony with the furniture. For example, a retro carpet can be used when a sporty style room is desired to make a difference or a minimalist decor is preferred.

Can Retro Carpet Be Combined with Modern Decoration?

Retro carpet types can also be a part of modern decorations with their simple and stylish styles. Combined with suitable furniture models, the retro carpet can also be preferred in modernly furnished environments. When the color, pattern and size harmony is created between the furniture, it does not overwhelm the environment in any way and does not create an old or authentic atmosphere. For example, modern sofa sets consisting of patterned upholstery can be combined with a monochrome retro carpet. Patchwork model retro carpet can be complementary to modern decors with its geometric atmosphere. Retro carpet with vivid colors and floral patterns can be preferred in modern environments. It can also be compatible with vintage style decors, as it carries similar inspirations with vintage carpet types.

How Should Retro Carpet Care Be Done?

Retro carpet can be used for many years if attention is paid to certain points in cleaning and maintenance. As an aged carpet type, the texture and yarn structure of each product differs. For this reason, even though they look alike, they should all be cleaned individually. Bleach or similar bleaching products and chemicals should never be used during washing. After washing, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be dried by laying. After the product dries, it should be ensured that the floor on which it will be laid is also dry. In order to prevent traces on hand-woven retro carpets, heavy items should be replaced at regular intervals. The areas with scars can be slightly corrected with a brush. Carpets should be rolled up when not in use and stored in an environment away from moisture if possible.

Retro carpet prices; It varies according to the dimensions, yarn structures and weaving patterns. You can also examine the Apex Vintage Retro carpet collection, which is all hand-woven, and complete your nostalgic decoration with the products you choose according to your taste.

Similarly, carpets from ancient times are also referred to as vintage carpets. vintage carpet ve vintage runner You can view the models on our website and place a secure order.

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