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Gray Carpets

Gray Carpet Selection

Gri halı modelleri
The sharpness of black, the freshness of white. The gray color, which consists of a mixture of these two main colors, is one of the most used colors in home decoration. The choice of gray color corresponds to a calm life in psychology and feelings of confidence in society. When used alone, it creates a serious and cold atmosphere. When combined with accessories and colors, wonderful spaces can be created. Gray, a neutral color, gives calmness and serenity.

The use and intensity of gray color is very important in home decoration. If it is overdone, cold places may emerge. You can balance the gray color with the colors you choose next to it. It can be combined with tones such as cream, mustard red. One of the preferred methods in gray living rooms is to use vibrant color tones. For example, gray in your living room. You can choose your pillow covers in vibrant colors to make the seats look stylish. If you prefer a sporty decoration in your home, you can use color tones such as blue and turquoise as a complementary.

Between both hand-woven and machine-made carpets, gray carpet models We can say that gray is the color of harmony as it creates a contrast with all vibrant colors. While only the yellow color can tire the eyes in the space, if it is used in good harmony with gray, a much more beautiful appearance is provided.
Especially if you have used too many vibrant colors in your decoration, you can soften the environment with a gray carpet or gray sofa set. The tone of the gray carpet to be used should be decided according to the size of the room. As the size of the room increases, darker gray carpets can be preferred. Stylish spaces can be created by using gray carpets in tonal tones in decoration. For example, a gray sofa set can be used with a lighter gray carpet and darker gray curtains. This environment can be balanced by using bright colors on objects such as pillows and armchairs.

Gray-colored carpets show less dust and stains than cream and white-colored carpets. Therefore, they are more useful compared to lighter colors. As long as care and cleaning are taken care of, they can be used for many years.

Gray plain carpets are independent of fashion and current trends. Even if other decoration items such as armchairs and curtains are changed in the future, your gray carpet can adapt to your new decoration. You may want to change it in a shorter time than a carpet with vibrant colors or mixed patterns. However, a gray carpet is risk-free. and a long-term investment.

Weaving type of carpet, yarn material, weaving density and size gray carpet prices You can choose the gray carpet models that are most suitable for your budget among our patterns above.

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