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Red Carpets

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Red Carpets

The importance of colors as well as textures and objects in living spaces is undeniable. Color combinations preferred according to the desired style are among the decorative elements that make your dream spaces livable. If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home and include the irresistible charm of red among the decoration objects, you can take a bold approach with a stylish red carpet model.

Reveal the Glory of the Red Carpet

Regardless of the floor color of the living room and living room, When red carpet models are combined with the right colors, they create a spacious and peaceful atmosphere. If you choose furniture and other decorative objects in cream, beige or gray tones, you can get a neat appearance in classical style decoration areas. If you have enough space, berjer models in the same color tones that you can combine with the red carpet can be an extremely attractive and stylish alternative. You can decorate a seating area equipped with elegant lines and colors for your guests, accompanied by a red carpet, especially with a red wing chair with large armbands. Those who like to decorate in a more modern style can also combine the geometric objects of recent years with the red carpet. A unique design idea consisting of bold colors and forms can be created, especially when the red and black carpet models and the geometric pieces of black on the wall or lighting products are completed.

Combine Different Decoration Styles with Red

For those who like country style decoration, combining natural wood texture and a red carpet may be just the choice for your taste. While both textures add warmth to the space, you can capture the stylish and peaceful atmosphere of your mood. The red-gray carpet model, complete with a stylish wooden sofa, coffee table and gray throw pillows, can create a harmonious warmth. Red carpet models to be preferred in the bedroom Before being selected, color palettes can be used to create a dynamic atmosphere in the space. For example, if you like retro style, you can combine green, which is the strongest complement to red. You can complete the curtain or patchwork bedspread with the pastel green tone in the motifs on the red patterned carpet you have chosen. On the other hand, if you like Scandinavian style, you can bring out the color appeal with gray red carpet models, as you will focus more on white and gray color palettes.

The best complement to the red carpet, which is preferred in large bathrooms, can be the cold neutral gray color. Thus, you can create a luxurious-looking bathroom decoration by combining warm and cold colors. If you want to make an even bolder choice, the wall ceramics you will choose in matte red will allow you to reveal your style with different details. Of course, red carpet decoration can also be provided in the kitchens. If a thin, dirt-proof, easy-to-clean model is chosen, it can be both a practical and pleasant option. When you choose a red carpet for your kitchen, which you can think of as a whole, you can turn a classic space into an exciting environment with the kitchen cabinet, curtain, lighting and accessories you combine with the carpet.

Red Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Even though red carpet types hide the stains on them, they make the dust visible. Therefore, it should be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. Before proceeding with the cleaning process, the instructions on carpet cleaning must be followed. Because the type of yarn used in carpet weaving may have different cleaning procedures. For general cleaning, it is sufficient to clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe it with special carpet detergents. However, it should be noted that there is no bleach or optical color lightener in the cleaner used. Otherwise, your vibrant red carpet may fade. After wiping your carpet, you should rinse it thoroughly with a cloth dampened with pure water. In addition, you should take care to dry it in the shade before using it. Otherwise, discoloration and/or seam fraying may occur.

If you want to bring the strong effect of the red carpet in decoration to your living spaces, you can take a look at Apex Carpet's product selection. In addition to budget-friendly red carpet prices, carpets of other colors and patterns are waiting for you.