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Jute Rugs

What is Jute Carpet?

Jute carpet, which is obtained from a plant called jute rope, is also known as straw carpet. Jute plant, which has a natural and hypoallergenic structure, is the most produced fiber after cotton. It is an environmentally friendly plant as it is 100% soluble. It is a very high quality carpet with its advantageous features as well as being used for decorative purposes. It is possible to find jute carpets in many different models. There is a suitable model for every corner of your home. Thanks to the jute carpet, you can achieve elegance, naturalness and quality together.

What are the Features of Jute Carpet?

The following can be said about jute carpet, which stands out with its many advantageous features:

  • They offer long-lasting use as they are resistant to wear.
  • The fact that it does not absorb odor is among the reasons why it is often preferred.
  • Jute threads can be dyed easily and add a different atmosphere to the decoration.
  • Jute carpets, which are not suitable for use in humid environments, can be easily preferred in areas such as living rooms and living rooms. 
  • Since it has different designs, it can be used in different areas of the house. For example; Models such as jute runners are very suitable for corridors and halls of houses.
  • Since it is obtained from natural jute plant, it has hypoallergenic properties and is healthier.
  • It gives the environment a more exotic and ethnic look in one touch.

How to Clean Jute Carpet?

Jute rope carpet has a very delicate structure as they are woven by hand. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some details while cleaning. For example, when liquid is spilled on it, it is necessary to immediately buffer it with a paper towel and absorb the excess liquid. Afterwards, it can be wiped with a soft and damp cloth. If there is a stain that has dried, it should be scraped lightly. It is possible to wipe the jute carpets, which are easy to clean, with a damp cloth without rubbing too much. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust on it. It is a carpet prone to shedding as it is entirely made of fiber. You can choose light colored jute rugs and carpets for less spillage. At the same time, jute carpets in small sizes provide convenience in terms of cleaning. Jute carpets are slippery because they are obtained from a natural plant. That's why you should prefer models with anti-slip materials on the bottom. This also makes cleaning easier.

Where is Jute Carpet Used?

Jute rugs are suitable for use in every room and area of the house. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, jute carpets are preferred in offices, hotels and spa centers as well as homes. Especially since it is easy to clean, it is ideal for people who do not like to clean constantly. At the same time, thanks to its hypoallergenic and natural structure, it is among the first choices of sensitive and health-conscious people. 

Jute carpets with different designs are specially produced for different areas of the houses. In addition, there are models that can be used comfortably in every room. Jute kitchen rug; It can be square, round or rectangular. You can choose according to the shape of your kitchen. Thanks to its resistance to abrasion, it is very suitable for a quickly dirty and frequently used area such as the kitchen. Since it is easy to clean, it will not bother you if something spills on it while cooking or eating. You can also take a look at different jute carpet models for your kitchen. For areas such as corridors and halls, jute rugs or runners can be preferred. Jute mats for the entrance of houses are among the stylish and aesthetic models. You can create an ethnic atmosphere with jute mats in the bathrooms. Especially colorful jute carpet adds movement to the decoration of your home. 

What are the Advantages of Using Jute Carpet?

Jute carpet models offer many advantages as well as being appreciated with their aesthetic appearance. For example; Since they have a durable structure, they are suitable for the most intensively used areas of the houses. It is an option that you can use comfortably for a long time. Thanks to its unique natural color, it is especially suitable for dark floors. It adapts to the decoration of your home in a unique way. If you have a decoration consisting of walnut and black colors, it offers a transitional look. If you have a colorful and ethnic style, it is possible to find jute carpets in different colors. It has a natural structure as it is obtained from the jute plant, which means it is relaxing. With its color and structure, it helps your feet and body relax. It does not tire you because it is easy to clean. By emphasizing the home decoration, it can harmonize with all kinds of furniture. Since it is produced in different shapes such as round and square, it can be preferred according to the structures of the rooms. Especially the round jute carpet offers a very elegant appearance as a decorative.

Use of Jute Carpet in Decoration

Jute carpet can be easily preferred in different decorations such as modern, classic and ethnic. It looks stylish especially when used on dark floors. It can also be used to achieve a transitional decoration in tonal decoration. Jute wicker rug, can also be painted in different colors. Jute rugs in different colors and patterns are suitable for ethnic decorations. Tasseled and geometric patterned models are also flamboyant options used for decorative purposes. The new models, created by placing round jute rugs side by side, adapt to living rooms and living rooms. Due to its durable structure, you can easily prefer jute carpets even in the most heavily used parts of your home. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you should keep it away from wet floors. Because it has an absorbent fiber structure. 

Jute Straw Carpet Models Suitable for Every Room

Straw carpet, which can be preferred in every area of the house, gains the appreciation of every decoration concept. Jute carpets with their natural structure and appearance; It appeals to different styles such as minimal, eclectic and ethnic. It has been used more and more recently. It has the feature of being compatible with all kinds of furniture and floors. It is possible to find jute rugs in different shapes, patterns and colors. In this way, it offers both elegance and quality while decorating the house. summer carpet Jute carpets, which are also very suitable for use as an alternative, ensure that the floors do not remain empty even at high temperatures. In addition to its natural appearance, it is frequently preferred in decoration with its comfortable use. With its soft colors and authentic structure, it makes a soft touch to every corner of the house. Oval jute carpet is among the most preferred models for decorative use. 

Jute Carpet Prices

Jute carpets, which have quite different models, also offer a wide range of prices. Jute carpet prices vary according to many factors. For example; carpet sizesis one of the factors that determine the price. The larger the size, the higher the price. The shape of the carpet also affects the price. Round ones and square ones have different prices. Color and model also affect prices. Natural colored jute carpets have lower prices than colored ones. Because it is less processed. Larger jute rugs, which are obtained by bringing together small jute rugs of different shapes, require more workmanship. Therefore, it has higher prices. Jute carpet is a very durable and stylish alternative thanks to its natural structure. It is very advantageous when evaluated in terms of price performance. You can choose from many models according to your decoration taste, the structure of your home and your budget.

How is Jute Carpet Produced?

Jute plant, which is in the linden family, is a natural fibrous fiber. It is also known as golden fiber because of its silky texture. It grows in the hot and humid regions of South India and Asia and grows up to 3-4 meters in height. The fibers are softened by pounding with wooden mallets and then dried in the sun. Finally, it gains a silky softness and becomes a thread. Because of these processes, jute rope is one of the softest and natural fibers. The jute plant has an environmentally friendly feature with every stage it grows. Being recyclable more than once is a very advantageous feature for those who have a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is very easy to grow again and with this feature, it is a sustainable resource. Jute wicker carpet is also obtained by carefully and finely processing jute rope. It can be produced by hand as well as by machine. Since it has a wicker appearance, it has an aesthetic style and is in a very durable form.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Jute Carpet?

Jute carpets have won the admiration of users with their quality and elegance. Especially in recent times, it appears frequently and offers models suitable for every style. It is necessary to pay attention to some details when choosing a jute carpet. Thanks to these details, you can use your carpet for a longer life. First of all, you should make sure that the content is completely natural. Carpets and rugs obtained from the jute plant are quality and durable options. Jute-looking carpet models, on the other hand, wear out more easily as they are obtained by combining different materials. You can also choose according to the area you will use. For example; For areas such as the entrance and bathroom, oval jute carpets are more suitable. Thin and long jute carpets are mostly used in areas such as corridors. You can choose jute rugs in different shapes and patterns for different rooms such as kitchen, living room, bedroom. 

If you want a more natural and simple decoration, you can choose natural colored ones. Colorful and patterned jute rugs are ideal for adding an ethnic and tropical atmosphere to your home. Thin or thick knit can also affect your choice. Jute, which has a slippery feature due to its structure, can cause the carpet to slip on the floor. Therefore, before choosing, you should definitely check under the carpet and make sure that an anti-slip material is used. In addition, you should take care not to use jute carpets in wet and humid places. Because it has the ability to absorb water, which causes it to wear out immediately. Thanks to its ability to absorb odor, it is one of the favorite carpet types of pets. 

The Secret of Naturalness and Elegance Jute Carpets

Thanks to its 100% natural content, jute carpets are quite healthy. It is hypoallergenic because it does not contain any chemical component. It is extremely durable, especially for use in the most used areas at home. It has many models in different thicknesses and sizes. Thus, it is possible to find a suitable jute rug for every room and environment. Since it has a wicker appearance, it adds a modern and aesthetic atmosphere to your home. Wicker round carpet attracts every style with its different models and patterns. It is very common to use jute wicker rugs as mats. Since it has a relaxing feature, it gives comfort to your feet when you first enter the house. In addition, it gives calmness to your soul due to its color. Natural earth tones blend in with any color of furniture. You can also choose colorful and patterned jute rugs as a different option. You can use jute rugs and runners in your home to get an aesthetic and stylish decoration. You can easily position jute rugs, which have a light structure, wherever you want in your home. Even in the extreme heat of the summer months, you can continue to use carpets thanks to jute. Instead of leaving the floor bare, elegance and coolness will be with you thanks to the useful jute carpets. Therefore, it is quite suitable for use in summer cottages. It is a quality choice as it is durable for a long time and does not need constant cleaning.

How to Use a Straw Jute Carpet?

Straw carpets are obtained from the fibers of natural plants. In this way, the usage area is quite wide. It can be easily transported as it is lightweight. Since it offers ideal and practical use, it has been used more and more recently. Straw carpet models, which are very stylish and decorative in places with sunlight, can be damaged if they are exposed to too much sunlight. For this reason, it is recommended to be used more in closed areas. Sofa ends, pointed objects, heavy coffee tables or tables should not be placed on wicker carpets. If these items will be used together in decoration, felt pads should be attached to their feet. The location of the furniture and the direction of the carpet should also be changed from time to time. Because the pointed ends of heavy items can cause fiber fiber damage. Straw jute carpets should be used mostly in areas such as entrance-exit, hallway, corridor. Because the ropes of wicker jute carpets can be crushed, worn or hardened over time. It is more suitable for less used areas of the house. Although wicker jute carpets are not as durable as jute carpets, they are often preferred in places such as homes, offices and hotels with their stylish appearance.

Is Straw Jute Carpet Machine Washable?

Straw jute rugs that become dusty and dirty can be vacuumed or whipped. If something liquid is spilled on the carpet, it should be padded with a clean cloth as soon as possible. The spilled liquid should be removed without spreading too much and then gently wiped with a damp cloth. Bleach cleaning materials such as bleach should not be used during wiping. When wiping with a damp cloth, it should not be rubbed hard, instead, circular movements should be made. If the stain still does not go away after wiping with a cloth, it should be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees delicate program. 

It should not be exposed to direct sunlight for drying. Straw jute carpet should dry on its own in a cool environment and should not be stepped on during this time. If the stain is still not removed, help from a professional carpet cleaning company or dry cleaners can be sought. However, manual intervention is recommended first. Because wicker jute carpet is delicate due to its structure and can be deformed in the washing machine. For long-lasting use, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of wicker carpets. These carpet models, which add elegance to the decoration with their aesthetic appearance, give a healthy use because they are natural. It is especially ideal for homes with babies and small children.

How Are Straw Jute Carpets Used in Decoration?

Straw jute rugs, which adapt to every style, come to the fore as a decorative piece. It not only enlivens the environment, but also adds a simple elegance. In modern eclectic decoration, mostly black and white geometric patterned jute rugs are preferred. In minimalist houses, it is possible to see cream, beige or white jute carpets. Jute carpets woven with strong and thick fibers are very suitable for wide halls. When used with natural wood materials, it gives a warm atmosphere to the environment. Straw jute rugs in which extraordinary colors are used are ideal for obtaining a bohemian ambiance. Straw carpet models have a structure that can be used easily in different rooms of the house. It can be preferred for both aesthetic and quality use.

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