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4 Square Meters Carpet

You can see our 4 m2 carpets below.

4 Square Meters Carpet – The Most Popular Size

Since its establishment in 1995, Apex Carpet has always been intertwined with technology. Our first website became active in 1996. We have been in online communication with our customers in the carpet industry for about a quarter of a century. During this period, the most frequently asked questions to our customer service via e-mail and telephone. , “4 square meters of carpet why?" it happened.

In fact, the reason why this question, whose answer is quite simple, was asked so much was that all carpets of different sizes, which are close to each other in the market, were referred to as 4m2 carpets. Width x Length = Square Meters of Carpet can be formulated with

But now let's consider the different carpet sizes available;

  • 150 x 230 = 3.45 m2
  • 160 x 230 = 3.68 m2
  • 170x240 = 4.08 m2

As you can see, in fact, differences of 10 cm can create up to 20% differences in the total square meter of carpet. And when you visit any carpet store and say you want a kitchen carpet of 4 square meters, all these dimensions will be presented to you as carpets of 4 square meters. Actually, there is no malicious intent here. These dimensions have been shaped over time due to customer demands and technical constraints.

Here, the closest size to 4 m2 is 170x240 cm. However, with the shrinking houses and people's desire to have a space between the carpet and the sofa, this size has evolved to 160x230. 150x230 is now a rare size.

In other words, when we say 4 m2 carpet, the current size of 160x230 cm should come to mind. Of course, you can confirm this by looking at the label of the carpet or measuring the carpet.

This is what confuses people, 4 m2 carpet prices It is also valid when calculating. Again, with a simple calculation;

Carpet price = Real m2 of the carpet is the price of X Square meters. That is, when you buy a carpet of 160x230 size and 100 TL per square meter, the amount you have to pay should be 100x3.68 = 368 TL.

This size is a size where the most color and pattern types can be found. Online and physical carpet stores keep this size in their stock. Because 4 m2 is the most used and sold size. 6 m2 sizes may not be produced. However, without exception, 4 m2 size is available. About half of all carpet sales 4 m2 carpet models creates.

A carpet of 4 m2 can be used in all of the following areas. 

You can find the size of 4m2 in all our carpet models that we offer for sale as Apex. You can see our carpets of this size above and order them online with a return guarantee from our website.


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