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Digital Printed Carpet

Digital Printed Carpet

Carpets, one of the most important decoration elements of houses, are products that help the house to have a harmonious and stylish appearance, as well as provide noise and heat insulation, helping to spend a healthier time. Carpets, which are primarily used at home, are preferred in workplaces, schools, restaurants and many other areas. Digitally printed carpets, one of the popular carpet models of recent times, draw attention as one of the most important helpers of users, especially in home decoration.

What is Digital Printed Carpet and What are its Features?

While decorating the house, carpets are chosen as meticulously as other products. At this selection stage, printed carpets find their place in the foreground, thanks to their ability to meet the demands of recent years such as color and pattern. The digitally printed carpet allows the user to design according to his taste. Print carpet; It brings together logos, symbols, flowers, landscapes, patterns and many other prints with countless color options, and is embroidered on the carpet in a smooth and proportional manner. In this way, it ensures that every user has a carpet that appeals to their taste. Digitally printed carpet models, which offer the opportunity to choose with different sizes, also attract the attention of users with their processing on different materials.

Printed carpet models meet their users with many features that increase their preference. First of all, these carpets, which are produced from high quality yarns, offer a much brighter and more vivid appearance thanks to the printing application. The printed carpet, which shows various differences according to the material used, provides easy use with its soft and light structure. As a result of the printing with attention to even fine details, carpets resembling a landscape emerge. In particular, printing small detailed patterns in unlimited colors and in unlimited quantities in high resolution makes printed carpets more economical. Digitally printed carpets, which offer a rich product range with their design and appearance, help the area to be decorated to look more harmonious and stylish. Offering the opportunity to bring the carpet of dreams into the home, these products help to provide a more spacious and peaceful environment after the classical carpet patterns.

Where is Digital Printed Carpet Used?

Digitally printed carpets can be used everywhere like all other carpets. In fact, these carpets have the feature of being used in many places compared to other carpet models with their light and easy-to-clean structure. While it can be used in the living room with its frequently preferred floral and pattern-printed models, it also becomes the crown jewel of kitchens with its models with inscriptions and various kitchen utensils. In addition, it becomes one of the most popular products in baby rooms with its soft and colorful toy and print models containing intelligence-enhancing objects. It can be used in all areas of the house, as well as in many other areas. Carpet models with logo and emblem printed are preferred in workplaces, hotels and restaurants for both ease of use and decoration. In addition, peaceful, finer detailed carpet models are appreciated in areas such as mosques and masjids.

How to Clean and Maintain a Digital Printed Carpet?

Those who use digital printing carpets generally prefer these carpets because they are easy to clean. It is easy to clean the carpets, which are very difficult to accumulate products such as dust, hair and fluff. It is usually sufficient to clean the carpets, which can be swept easily thanks to the frequent weaving of the threads, by wiping them at regular intervals. It is recommended that carpets that are used for a long time and that inevitably contain dirt be washed with carpet shampoo to preserve their printing feature. Exposing the washed printed carpets to the sun is not recommended as it may damage the color and liveliness of the prints. Instead, drying in the shade prolongs the life of the carpet. You can immediately examine the digitally printed models of Apex Carpet, which you can use by decorating with any type of furniture anywhere.

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