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Colorful Carpet

Colorful Carpet

Carpets are one of the floor covering materials that add a warm and friendly atmosphere to the environment they are in, have been used since ancient times and have a great role in home decoration. The colorful carpet, with its dynamic structure and lively stance, always keeps the energy in your home high and contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the space.

Colorful Carpet Models

The simplicity of the furniture brings the colorful carpets to the fore. In home decoration, where softer colors are dominant, stylish transitions are provided in decoration with the color preferred in carpets. Carpet models produced in narrow and long, rectangular, oval, circle or square forms are combined with flower patterns to create a lively and extraordinary atmosphere. In addition, you can create a more sporty decoration with colorful designs in which geometric shapes are at the forefront, apart from floral motifs. You can add a more fun atmosphere to the space by creating an abstract atmosphere in the models where variegated colors are used together. Apex colored carpet models have unlimited product options that change the atmosphere of the space without sacrificing comfort.

Mixed Color Carpet Models and Features

Mixed-color carpet models have different types according to their design and features. The main features you should pay attention to when buying mixed-colored carpets should be as follows:

  • Since mixed-colored carpets are generally preferred in quickly dirty interiors such as children's rooms and kitchens, they should be made of easy-to-clean, stain-proof and washable materials.
  • Designs with antibacterial properties are an important detail in terms of hygiene.
  • It is not recommended to use bleaches such as bleach when washing mixed-colored carpets. This will not only reduce the service life of the carpet, but also cause the colors to lose their vitality.
  • You can easily use mixed-colored carpets with natural prints and vibrant colors for many years with confidence.

Multicolored Carpet Decoration Suggestions

Colorful carpets, which are generally used in the decoration of children's rooms and kitchens, have recently become a favorite decoration element of living rooms and study rooms. The vitality in multi-colored carpet transitions eliminates monotony and creates a fun atmosphere in living spaces. You can complete your decoration without straining the eyes with multi-colored carpet models, which are also popular in kitchen decoration. Colorful kitchen rugs become the main actor of your kitchen with their vibrant color tones and add aesthetic elegance to the space. The colorful kitchen rug provides visual elegance as well as functional use. It offers flexibility of movement thanks to its soft texture and maximizes functional use with its non-slip sole feature.

How Should Mixed Color Carpets Be Compatible with Furniture?

Soft and close to the original tone colors are generally preferred for natural raw materials or painted furniture. For this reason, colorful carpets are preferred to color living spaces. Since carpets are preferred for floor coverings, their colorfulness adds a relaxing atmosphere to the space, while not tiring the eyes. For those who cannot afford to be assertive in wall paints and curtains, colorful carpets will be a beautiful and stylish alternative. While colorful floral-patterned carpets stand out for classical furniture, colorful geometric-patterned carpets are among the good options for modern furniture.

How to Clean Multicolored Carpet?

As with every carpet, cleaning the carpets regularly is one of the important steps in terms of hygiene in multi-colored carpet cleaning. Regularly swept carpet not only prevents dirt and grime from accumulating on the surface of the carpet, but also contributes to your long-term use of the product you have purchased. One of the most curious issues in multi-colored carpet cleaning is the fading of carpet colors over time. Wiping the carpet by buffering against stains and marks will not only help to remove the stains, but also prevent the occurrence of situations such as fading in carpet colors and losing vitality during this process. Colorful carpets and their prices; The dimensions of the product vary according to its design features, material used, form and dimensions. Apex colorful carpet types appeal to all segments with its attractive options and wide product range.

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