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Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet

The plush carpet, which creates a striking visual on the carpet, creates a natural feeling with its long and soft pile texture when stepped on with bare feet. The non-slip feature of the special fabric used underneath ensures safe use on all kinds of floors. In addition to its soft surface, it has a shiny appearance depending on the yarn feature. It can be used as a decor or in the form of a regular carpet with different size options.

What are Plush Carpet Models? Where Are Plush Carpets Used?

Plush carpet models can be used in any area of your home with their variety in sizes and slip feature. You can use the plush post options in small sizes in front of the fireplace for decorative purposes, or you can lay them next to your bed in the bedrooms. Thus, instead of looking for slippers when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, you can step on your warm and soft plush fleece. Plush runner options are suitable for use in hallways, hallways and kitchens depending on their size. In addition to the sizes that you can use as mats in bathrooms, balcony entrances or street door entrances, you can also evaluate straight cut, large size plush carpets and plush rugs as another alternative for your living room and living rooms. Flat models ranging from soft colors to eye-catching vibrant colors, designed for every taste, and geometric or more authentic patterns are other alternatives in Apex plush carpet models.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Plush Carpets?

The yarn feature and weaving technique of plush carpets are important in terms of not shedding their hairs. For this reason, your priority should be product features and quality. Apex products, combined with quality materials and master craftsmanship, provide long-term use and do not shed. As with every carpet, it offers you a clean use after some shedding when it is first purchased. After this stage, it is time to choose a plush carpet model according to your taste, which is the most enjoyable part of the job. First of all, you should consider in which part of your house you want to use the carpet and for what purpose. For a decorative use, you can choose from smaller sizes such as plush mats and pelts. The colors and patterns of the area you will use are another detail you need to consider. You can add a dynamic atmosphere to your environment in vibrant colors such as turquoise and fuchsia, or if you are in favor of simplicity, you can take a look at gray plush carpets or white plush carpet models. Of course, you should also consider that light colors such as white and cream require more frequent cleaning. If your furniture is plain, you can add a different atmosphere to your home with patterned models.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Plush Carpet?

Plush carpets offer many advantages as well as creating a visually different atmosphere. With its soft structure and warm keeping, the non-slip base texture of the plush carpet, which you can easily step on with bare feet, provides the advantage of using it easily in any place. This grip feature of the sole is also safe. Offering many options, from mat size to alternatives that you can use as a living room carpet, gives you the freedom to use wherever you want. Another advantage is that it is lighter than other types of carpets, depending on its material. Although it seems like a disadvantage in terms of cleaning due to its long-haired structure, it provides a very practical and effortless use when properly cleaned.

How to Clean Plush Carpet?

Unless a different situation is specified in the washing instructions of the model you purchased for plush carpets, the correct methods to be applied in general are as follows:

  • Plush rugs are washable.
  • Small sized models in the form of mats or posts can also be washed in the washing machine at the program and degree specified in the washing instructions. Thus, a practical use is provided for light colors as well.
  • In case of any stain formation, by applying a buffer, you can easily prevent the stain from penetrating into the texture of the carpet, and then wash it appropriately.
  • You can eliminate the worry of dust accumulation due to their long hairs by regularly vacuuming them.
  • As long as your plush carpet is washed in accordance with the instructions, it continues to maintain its unique voluminous texture.
  • In order to give long hairs a fluffier form, you can brush and fluff their hairs with a brush after washing them and waiting for them to dry.
  • With the brush, you can first comb in the opposite direction of the hairs, and then comb them in the direction of the hairs without pressing too much.
  • In order for your plush carpet to be long-lasting and not deteriorate, you should not use bleach and bleaching chemicals, and be careful not to lay the carpet on damp floors that are not fully dried.

Apex plush carpet prices; It varies according to its dimensions, cutting shape, yarn and weaving properties. You can add a pleasant atmosphere to your home by choosing Apex Carpet's most suitable models for your budget, taste and usage area.

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