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Decorative Carpets

Carpet Decoration

Decoration It is the creation of a peaceful living space by using colours, items, furniture and accessories together, which will relax the inner world of people.

The literal meaning of the word decorative is "used as an ornament". 

Decorative carpets, as the name suggests, are used to decorate spaces and rooms.

In the past years, the primary use of the carpet was to be functional rather than decorative. The carpet would cut the cold coming from the floor and cover the floors of the house, which was not in very good condition.

However, over time, parquet floors, which look very stylish, started to be used in houses. The heating problem was reduced thanks to the central heating systems. 

Thus, smaller sized carpets were started to be used with the existing decoration of the place. Although the use of the carpet makes the place look psychologically warm, it is no longer as functional as it used to be. Thus, the carpets have become thinner and colors and patterns have come to the fore.

decorative carpets, machine carpet throw away printed carpet as it can be hand woven carpet Decorative carpet models have diversified considerably thanks to the developing weaving techniques and the increasing number of colors.

These carpets, which are generally of medium thickness and light, can be used easily in all places. Decorative carpet prices are at appropriate levels if it is a machine-made carpet. The type of yarn used, the density of weaving and the size of the carpet are the main factors that determine the price.

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Decorative Carpet Decoration Examples