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Classic Carpets

Classic Carpets

Classic carpet models that enrich homes, carry the traditions of ancestors to the present, thanks to both their color preferences and their motifs. With their aesthetic stances and the stories behind each motif, they serve as a cultural bridge. The fact that classical carpets can make room for themselves in every part of the house is explained by the harmonious unity they have achieved with both modern and classical decoration elements.

What is Classic Carpet? 

When evaluated independently of the yarn type and weaving technique, the common feature of classical carpet types is the patterns and colors used. These types of carpets, which make a reference to traditional Turkish and Persian carpets, fill and enrich the spaces thanks to the visual richness in their motifs, whether they are hand-made or machine-made carpets. There are types woven from wool and silk threads, as well as digitally printed types on polyester and acrylic woven fabrics. However, no matter what the weaving technique is, each one has a solid and durable stance. When evaluated in terms of size, classic models that have as rich a variety as colors and motifs; They are seen as ideal choices for living rooms, offices, study and bedrooms. Classic carpets from 4 m² to 12 m² are used not only for decorating homes, but also for decorating large spaces such as reception and meeting rooms.

With Which Decoration Style Are Classical Carpets Used?

The difference of classical carpets from other carpet types is hidden in the richness of colors and patterns. Warm reds, noble burgundy, calm navy blues, clear beige and vibrant motifs embroidered on pastel panels draw their strength from the past and traditions. Mainly flower and medallion motifs are used. classic carpet patternsare products of the rich Eastern culture. Carpets, which once adorned the palaces of sultans, took a place in Europe, especially in the palaces of kings and queens, as a result of the spread of orientalism in Europe. Classic models, which were seen as symbols of wealth in the past, are now used in every place where warmth is desired with a soft touch. Carpets adorned with bright and lively colors and whose motifs with frequent transitions easily adapt to any environment, achieve a sincere harmony with metal, leather and wooden decoration elements.

Can Classic Carpets Be Combined With Modern Decoration?

Classic living room carpets have sizes that fit every type of home, thanks to their production in different sizes. The most important factor to consider when purchasing a carpet is its dimensions, and its shape, pattern and colors should be chosen after the size is decided. After choosing the carpet suitable for the dimensions of your living room, you can act more comfortably in terms of color, pattern and shape. It is not enough to choose your carpets, which are expected to complete a whole, only in accordance with the color and texture of your furniture. You also need to pay attention to the amount of light the house receives, the color of your walls and flooring. The most important thing you should pay attention to in order to use classical carpets in houses furnished in a modern style is to choose the color transitions in a way that complements each other. The use of complementary or even contrasting tones and colors, rather than the same color of furniture and carpets, will make the space look warmer. In a house decorated with modern motifs dominated by leather, wood or metal elements, classic carpets with their colors and patterns are the only elements that will break the monotony and monotony.

The most enjoyable step you can take to decorate your new home or to give your existing home a new look is to buy a brand new carpet. Classical carpets easily adapt to any decoration style with their variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Useful, robust and durable models, suitable classic carpet prices You can start viewing Apex Halı's collections immediately and complete your shopping with confidence. 

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