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Bedroom Carpet

Although bedrooms create the impression of being the least used areas of the house, approximately one-third of human life is spent in the bedroom due to sleep.

Bedroom Carpet Dimensions 

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The first point to consider when choosing a carpet suitable for these areas is the size of the carpet to be selected. General usage is to use two runners in size suitable for 2 sides of the bed and a smaller sized runner for the front of the bed. Suitable sizes for these runners are 80x200, 80x300 and 80x150 cm. The triple use is also called the bedroom carpet set. One advantage of using a triple carpet in the bedroom is that you can combine the desired similar patterns according to your taste.

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In addition, recently, a carpet larger than the bed has been used by laying it under the bed and surrounding the bed. This usage is increasing day by day. A carpet of at least 6 square meters should be preferred for use in this way.

Bedroom Carpet Models

Generally, plain, plain colored and soft textured carpets are used when choosing. When you wake up in the morning, the texture and softness of the carpet to be used here is very important, since the carpet will be stepped on with bare feet. Therefore, plush carpets with soft piles are widely used in bedrooms. Again, soft textured acrylic and wool machine Carpets are highly preferred.

White and cream colors are widely used in bedrooms due to their relaxing effect. In addition, green and turquoise carpets can be used in these spaces as they provide calmness and peace. In rooms that receive sufficient sunlight, colder colors such as gray and blue can be combined with appropriate accessories.

Proper use of carpet creates a calm environment in the bedroom. This is also important for a healthy sleep. The used carpet will collect the dust that occurs in the room due to hard floors such as parquet and provide a more spacious environment. Therefore, the carpets used in the bedrooms are used at least once a week. It should be swept and washed every 2-3 months depending on usage. In addition, the contribution of the carpet used to sound insulation, which is a must for a good sleep, is undeniable.

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It is quite suitable due to its small size. The price of the carpet is the weaving type, the yarn used, the weaving density and the weight of the material. For example, there is a serious price difference between a printed carpet with the same pattern and a hand-woven carpet.

Many carpets you have seen on our website runner for bedrooms sizes are available.

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Bedroom Carpet Decoration Examples

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