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Karabakh Rugs

What is a Karabakh rug? Where does it touch?

Karabakh rugs; It was woven in many places in Anatolia, especially in Karabakh, Moldova and Erzurum. It was generally woven with colorful floral motifs on a dark background and was generally used as a tapestry. It conveys people's feelings and moods.These unique examples of national labor are timeless works of art with their improvisational models and elegant motifs.
Karabakh rugs come from a region in the south of the Caucasus, where Armenians and Azerbaijani Turks lived together for centuries. The region has a very old carpet weaving history, historical records go back to the 13th century. Karabakh rugs and carpets are usually made in large sizes and mostly the ground colors are black and red, and motifs with many vibrant colors such as green, brown, yellow and pink are woven on black and red backgrounds. The common patterns used in Karabakh carpets are roses, flowers and plants. In some rugs, garden themes, human and animal figures can be found.

Rug weaving has decreased considerably in the Karabakh region. The rugs in our collection are rugs from ancient times. The models of Karabakh rugs reflect the periods they were woven.

These rugs, which were woven in the past, are decreasing day by day because they are not new woven. Karabakh rug prices are quite high since they are now a collection object and they are rare.
In addition, the modern patchwork kilim ve hand woven rug You can also examine the models and buy them at advantageous prices.

Karabakh Rug Decoration Examples

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