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Hand Woven Rug

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Hand Woven Rug

Hand-woven rugs, which have survived from ancient times and are considered a unique branch of art, have a handcrafting process that requires care and patience. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the durability of the weaving techniques, it has been carried from ancient times to the present day. rugscontinues to be produced today with the continuity of craftsmanship. Hand-woven rugs, which have a wide place in Anatolian culture, are among the items that add a unique atmosphere to homes. Rugs, which can achieve a unique harmony with both classical and modern decoration in homes, are like a heritage that can be passed on from generation to generation, as they offer long-lasting use. Just as hand woven carpetAs with the prices, the prices of hand woven rugs vary depending on many variables, from the region of the products to their material and size. 

What are the Types of Hand Woven Rugs? 

Almost all hand-woven rugs are woven by qualified weavers using pure wool using traditional methods. Sometimes Angora goat hair or cotton can be added to pure wool. Since rugs are woven with unique motifs and techniques in all regions, the types of rugs can differ greatly. Rugs woven in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Karabakh, China, India and the Caucasus are among the popular hand-woven rug types outside of Turkey. Especially a kind of Afghanistan rug. Kandaharare among the most preferred models. Rugs woven in China and India offer lower performance in terms of durability and are sold at much more affordable prices. With the influence of Anatolian lands and culture, rugs with a great variety of different colors are woven in Turkey as well. For example, some of the Afghan kilims are less colored, but the rugs found in Anatolia are woven in harmony and with many colors. In order to understand which rug belongs to which region among the hand-woven rug models, the weaving techniques of the regions and rug motifsYou need to know about its features. The motifs of the rugs made in Eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia and the Aegean have great differences. However, since the rugs of each region are similar to each other in terms of motifs, it is possible to make a distinction based on the patterns first. 

What are the Features of Hand Woven Rugs? 

Hand woven rugs are woven on the loom according to the knitting method. In other words, unlike the hand-woven carpet types, there is no fluff or pile on it. Hand woven rugs, which were used as blankets and to wrap things in bundles in the past, are preferred for decoration purposes today. Rugs, which are mainly knitted using wool materials, are made with root dyes collected from nature. However, rugs have different patterns according to their regions. In general, it can be mentioned that hand-woven rugs are divided into three according to their weaving characteristics. These are plain woven rugs, rugs called cecim and sumac rugs. Each of them may differ according to the quality and difficulty of the patterns. 

How to Care for Hand Woven Rugs?

Since the rugs are very thin, made with plain weave and do not have piles on them, they do not hold much dust. Therefore, it can be cleaned by shaking the small rugs and wiping the bottom. The sensitive nozzle can be used when there is a need for cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. However, in cases where the rugs need detailed cleaning, it will be necessary to work with a reliable carpet cleaning company. Naphthalene can be used to protect rugs from moths. At the same time, rugs should not be in damp and humid environments. Hand woven rug prices; It varies according to the region, durability, material, motifs and color use of the products. Among the high quality hand-woven rug models in the Apex collection, you can easily choose the ones that are suitable for both your budget and the decoration of your home. 

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