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Summer Rugs

Summer Rug Models 

Summer rugs are among the decoration products that color the living spaces and add elegance and comfort. In addition to providing a warm and friendly atmosphere to the space, it also offers the feature of being a strong decorative element. Different models of summer rugs help you create a dynamic and active effect in living spaces. Apex summer rugs, with a wide range of colors and patterns, contribute to renewing your interior spaces. You can make a dark environment more spacious with summer rug models, or you can create an extraordinary atmosphere by using it contrary to the general architectural style in the space. While the different designs of the collection appeal to every taste, comfort is provided at the highest level with its soft texture. Apex summer rug collection provides both functional and long-lasting use with its weaving and yarn quality.

Washable Non-Slip Rug Models 

Useful and practical  rug  At the beginning of the models are washable and non-slip rugs. These products, which are used in almost every field, also help to prevent small home accidents. It provides an extra advantage of use, especially in homes where children and the elderly are present. In the summer months, the interest in these rug models increases more. Apart from this, a stylish and organized visual is created by keeping the rug stable. In addition, the fact that it provides a wide range of product, pattern and color alternatives is among the other advantages of the collection.

Rug models, which have washable features, save time in cleaning operations and manage to get full marks from their users. Thanks to its practical cleaning, accessible price scale and quality production materials, the collection products meet the needs and expectations of the users in every sense. You can take a closer look at the Apex summer rug collection and have the opportunity to experience the product by purchasing it now.

New Trend of Living Spaces; Summer Rugs 

Regardless of your preference for modern, classic, country, minimal, rustic, sophisticated, vintage or rustic decoration, it is possible to find rug models that appeal to all tastes in Apex collection products. Traditional   rug patterns  While leaving their place to simplified rug patterns, summer rug models combined with pastel colors contribute to creating a soft and bright visual in the space. Modern kilim models with soft texture, easy to clean, light and thick yarns, on the other hand, reveal the quality and difference of the collection products. Rug models with different design sizes provide ease of use for both large and small spaces from living rooms to living rooms, from kitchens to bedrooms. There are rug types with different forms such as square, rectangular, narrow and long. Produced with a special weaving technique   double sided rugs  on the other hand, it offers the opportunity to revitalize the atmosphere of your home with contrasting colors.

Rug models with geometric patterns, multicolored, modern touch and minimal stripes are among the most preferred products. You can enjoy changing the style of your home to the fullest with summer rug models that adapt to every home style and offer a wide range of use. 

Refined Details Adding Comfort to Decoration 

Apex summer rug models, which adapt to every style, complement each other, can be easily decorated in any environment and add an aesthetic atmosphere to homes, help to change the atmosphere of your home in a positive way. In addition, the selection that brings together long-lasting and quality rugs according to your decoration style, thus reaching a rich user base. With rug models that have become one of the decoration products that you will love to use for many years, you can add a magic touch effect in living spaces and create an aesthetic atmosphere in interiors. Also, one of the most popular types of rugs, colorful and flowered.   Karabakh rugs  You can also view the models on our website.

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