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Living Room Carpet

Living Room Carpet

Carpets, which are one of the most critical parts of the living room decoration, are one of the household items that should be chosen meticulously. Living room carpets, which are important for creating an atmosphere suitable for decoration and creating comfortable living spaces, have varying models.

How to Choose a Living Room Carpet?

When choosing carpets for living rooms, one of the most frequently used parts of the house, decoration should be given priority. Since the basic furniture that determines the decoration of the living room is the living room set, the color and style of the living room set is taken as a criterion along with home textile items such as curtains. In classical or avant-garde furniture, carpets with classical patterns suitable for sofa style complement the room harmoniously. While tufted carpets, worn classical carpets, antique or classically patterned carpets are a good choice, if you do not want to create a contrasting effect, it is recommended to give priority to similar tones that complement the color of furniture, curtains and walls.

In modern sofa sets or single sofas, the atmosphere of the room should be taken as a basis. Sofa color, colors of other furniture used in the room, curtains, wall color and accessories should be considered as a whole. Rugs without tassels, plain colors or ornamented with aesthetic patterns complement modern living rooms. When choosing a carpet, attention should be paid to the size of the carpet. Small carpets provide a more comfortable living space to create a spacious look in the room, while carpets adjacent to the sofa are ideal for creating a warm atmosphere.

Living Room Carpet Models

Living room carpet is included in the Apex collection with a rich variety of colors, textures and patterns. In terms of color, colors such as beige, ice blue, mustard, smoked can be supplied with modern patterns. Monochrome living room carpet models, on the other hand, are decorated with color transitions in a lower tone or an upper tone, and appeal to those who like both simple and modern designs. Among the decorative carpet types, floral patterns and geometric patterns that have an artistic air come to the fore. Worn-out products are available with and without fringe designs. Worn-out carpets are models in which harmonious colors such as brown, cream, mink or off-white, ice blue, smoked, gray are used together in accordance with the product theme. In addition to the products with color transitions, modern products with classical patterns are also quite remarkable. Motifs such as eye, star and scorpion, which we are accustomed to seeing on traditional Turkish carpets, especially medallions, add a different elegance to living rooms with aged color transitions. In the Apex collection, where we often see aging themes, you can also find products with useful colors decorated with geometric patterns such as morocco.

How to Clean Living Room Carpet?

Since living rooms are frequently used areas, carpets get dusty quickly. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly in order to prevent dust and dirt accumulations that may occur in daily use. In addition to the routine sweeping, it is necessary to pay attention to the texture of the carpet. Machine-made carpets produced from polyester and polypropylene threads can be cleaned in a standard way. When stained, it should be immediately buffered and properly wiped to prevent the stain from penetrating into the carpet. Carpets that look like natural hand-made carpets should be cleaned more sensitively. Carpets produced from natural bamboo threads or with a touch acrylic soft base can be swept with a standard broom head. When a stain occurs on the carpet, it can be wiped off by buffering and the products are suitable for cleaning with the hand carpet washing method.

Living room carpet prices, which are the key parts of the decoration; It varies in design, texture and size. You can examine the products with different models among living room carpet models at Apex Carpet, and you can choose the products that suit your budget and taste among hundreds of varieties.

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