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Summer Carpet

Summer Carpet

Summer houses not only reflect the joy and spirit of summer, but also host your most enjoyable moments. Therefore, the decoration of the cottage is as important as its comfort. The selection of summer carpets is very important for a spacious summer look that will open your mind. Apex summer carpet models add beauty to your home with their vibrant colors and bring all the comfort that summer houses need. 

How Should a Summer Carpet Be?

Summer houses are houses where comfort is at the forefront, arranged in accordance with summer conditions and heat. For this reason, it has some differences in terms of both design and structure compared to other carpets. The point that should not be forgotten when choosing a summer rug is that summer rugs will be used seasonally. For this reason, it will be the right decision to choose easy-to-clean, thin-structured and washable carpets. The features that summer carpet models should have are: 

Washability: Summer houses are generally places where the whole family gets together and spends time together. Therefore, it should be taken into account that children will run on the summer carpets and the carpet will be dirty frequently. However, you may also want to use your summer carpet for different purposes in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. For this reason, the summer carpet should be easily washed and cleaned. Summer rugs and thin summer carpet models should be easily washable and should ensure that your cottage is always eye-catching. 

Anti-slip: Another feature that you should pay attention to when choosing a summer carpet is non-slip. It is important that your carpet is non-slip so that you can walk around safely with your summer shoes and slippers. Summer non-slip carpets allow families with children to have a pleasant time in the summer. The non-slip carpet will help prevent home accidents and make your holiday more enjoyable. 

Water and Sun Resistance: Summer means water and sun. For this reason, the parts that complete your decoration must be resistant to the sun. If you are going to use your summer carpet on your balcony or in a sun-drenched room, you should pay attention to this feature. You can enjoy using a summer rug that is resistant to water and sun for a long time. 

Fineness: Thick and woolen carpet models are often preferred in cold regions as they cut the cold coming from the ground. The opposite is true for summer houses. In order for you to carry and wash your summer carpet by folding it when necessary, your carpet must be of fine structure. Carpets made of thin and cotton fabric will help you feel the comfort of summer carpets in every part of your home. 

Reasonable price: Price is also an important criterion so that you can decorate your summer house as you wish, and that you can put different carpet models in vivid colors in every room. You can choose affordable summer carpets to choose the most beautiful carpets that will complement the style of your home. 

What are the Summer Carpet Models?

Summer carpet models come to the fore with their design as well as their functional aspects. Adorned with the colors of summer and with patterns evoking spaciousness, freedom and happiness, summer rugs add a lively atmosphere to your home. You can choose plain, vintage designs to empty your mind and feel peace in your home. If you like originality and the energy of colors, you can choose patchwork patterns, and if you want to feel the writing in every aspect, you can choose flower-patterned carpets. Summer carpet models adapt to the style of your home with their original designs that suit all tastes. At the same time, it is produced in different sizes to adapt to different parts of the houses.

How to Clean Summer Carpets?

Summer carpets are easy to clean due to their structure and features. You can wash your carpet whenever you want, and you can use soapy water to remove small stains. By vacuuming your carpet at regular intervals, you can keep dust and dirt away from your home, and ensure that your home is always clean and tidy. 

Apex Halı has many carpet models that combine all the features that summer carpets should have. You can examine Apex summer carpet models to decorate your summer house as you wish, and you can have the summer carpet you want at affordable prices.

Summer Carpet Prices

Developing machine carpet Thanks to the printing technologies and the printing technologies, the prices of the summer carpets are quite affordable. hand woven carpetve rugs You can also use it. In this case, the cost will increase, but you will have made a long-term investment. Although there is a very wide range and changes in the way of weaving, summer carpet prices start from 150 TL. The upper limit on the price of the carpet to be purchased will be determined by your expectations and needs.

The cottage we have chosen for you above carpet models You can review it and buy it online from our website with a 100% refund guarantee. With Apex assurance.

Summer Carpet Decoration Examples

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