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Hand Woven Vintage Carpets

Hand woven Vintage carpets are unique and there is one for each product. After selecting the appropriate size from the categories below, you can filter by color and pattern.


Vintage Carpet

The term Vintage has recently been mentioned in all areas of fashion. The most popular effects on social media platforms such as Instagram are Vintage filters. Stores selling vintage clothing and accessories are now opening. Old-fashioned furniture, upholstery is changed, painted in new colors and become vintage furniture. took its place.

Vintage, which means vintage in Turkish, is used for rare and unique items belonging to the past. Vintage products are not considered antique, of course. For a product to be considered antique, it must be over a hundred years old and, if possible, belong to the first world war, that is, before the mass production period. Again, contrary to popular belief, only products belonging to the 60s and 70s are not called Vintage. Products belonging to this period are mostly considered as Retro. For an item to be vintage, it must belong to a certain period. A product that was produced between 1930 and 1990 and reflects the spirit of the period in which it was produced can be defined as vintage. The concept of vintage was first used by collectors in the 19th century.

What is a Vintage Carpet? How is it done?

As it is known, handcrafted carpets have been woven all over Anatolia in the past. Especially in nomadic villages, people have hand-spinned the wool they trimmed from the small cattle they feed into yarn. They also boiled the plants they collected from the nature and dyed these yarns with root lengths and woven carpets. Although some motifs belong to a region, improvised patterns are found in many carpets. Many carpets have the signature or name of the maker. Carpet and kilim weaving was not only a source of income and an occupation for the people of that period, but also a kind of therapy method.

Carpet weaving started to increase in Anatolia since the establishment of the Republic. Especially in the 1950s, with the carpet weaving factory established by Sümerbank in Isparta, hand-woven carpets experienced its golden age. During this period, hundreds of thousands of carpets were woven from Isparta and its surroundings. Thanks to the standard patterns provided by Sümerbank, carpets in similar models produced.

With the accelerated migration from rural to urban areas in the 1980s and the increase in mechanization, hand-woven carpets have decreased considerably. Smaller houses in metropolitan cities have reduced the demand for old large and heavy wool carpets. In addition, traditional Turkish carpet knots can only be woven with thin fingers. School-age girls in our country go to school. started and the literacy rate increased. Compared to previous years, weaving has reached its last point with the lack of individuals who can stay at home and weave carpets.

Developing fashion and industrialization showed itself in the field of decoration as in every field. People began to pay attention to colors and patterns in home decoration and to renew decorations more frequently within their budget. carpets could not be evaluated.

As of 2010, Apex has managed to collect old woven carpets from all over Anatolia and metropolitan cities. These collected carpets have started to gain their new identity by being subjected to processes such as shaving, washing, dust cabinet, sunbathing, bleaching and dyeing. Thus, Vintage carpet models have emerged. not every carpet can be subjected to this transformation. Many factors such as the condition of the carpet, its weaving and the yarns used in its weaving need to be considered.

These carpets, which are dyed in colors suitable for the current and decoration fashion, take their place in homes with their experiences and stories. Vinateg carpets with rare patterns are only worn out without being painted. One of the elements that make hand-filled vintage carpets different is that each carpet is unique and unique. It cannot be found. However, the same is possible. Vintage carpets are painted in popular colors such as grey, turquoise, ice blue and water green. You can also find neon colors like fuchsia, green and pink.

Damaged carpets with irreparable defects from vintage carpets are cut and stitched together by hand. patchwork carpets In addition, more colorful models of vintage carpets produced in the 1960s and 1970s retro carpet It is called as.

There is also a misconception about vintage carpet prices. Especially our customers think that these carpets should be very affordable because they are already old. However, the truth is that the prices of new vintage carpets are mainly determined by the processes. It is high. However, the prices are quite affordable compared to new hand-woven imported carpets. Apex carpet has a wide range of products on aged vintage carpets.


The most magnificent form of recycling. Called the Mid-century in architecture and design, hand-made carpets woven in many parts of Anatolia in the 60s and 70s come to life again with their new faces. It is getting ready to take its place in modern homes by being painted with paints.

If you want to keep this fashion alive in your home, vintage carpet You can choose suitable carpets from our collection.