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Isparta Carpet

Isparta carpets represent one of the oldest weaving traditions produced in Turkey and whose reputation has spread abroad. Its history goes back to the 12th century. Isparta carpet started to be woven with the Turkmen population who settled in the region. Representing an important tradition carried from the past to the present, Isparta hand-woven fabrics preserve the privilege they deserve in today's modern homes with their colors, threads and motifs.

History of Isparta Carpet

Isparta carpets, woven by the dense Turkmen population who settled in Isparta in the 12th century, are among the products that have been exported since the Ottoman Empire period. Isparta weaving, which became an organized business with the establishment of the Eastern Carpet Company in the last quarter of the 19th century, spread to the looms established in the most remote villages in the Aegean. Old Isparta carpet During this period, while being reshaped according to demand, colors and new motifs that appeal to the tastes of buyers are also used. Isparta carpets, which were an important export item of the young Turkish Republic from the 1890s to the 1930s thanks to the Şark Carpet Company, still maintain their popularity today. Carpets produced in and around Isparta are in high demand thanks to their affordable prices. Wool woven Isparta carpets, which have been very popular in recent times due to their strength and durability, are aged and sold as vintage products.

What Do You Need to Know About Isparta Carpets?

The most distinctive feature of Isparta hand-woven carpet models are their patterns and colors. Just like Hereke carpets, floral patterns and motifs are mostly used in Isparta carpets. However, the details in the flower motifs are coarser than the Hereke carpets. However, there is an intense use of patterns and motifs. The frequency of the motifs used on Isparta carpets is so high that it is almost impossible to find an empty place on the carpet. Isparta carpets, which are very rich in terms of colors, are woven using vivid red, blue and green colors. Carpets, which are popularly called iridescent, look light when viewed from the front and dark when viewed from the back, due to the pile lying on one side. Isparta carpet differs from its counterparts with its prices. Carpets, which are both economical and quite durable, are in high demand at home and abroad. Isparta carpets, which are also very easy to maintain and clean, are hand washed and cannot be thrown into the washing machine. In cases where washing is not possible, it is suitable to be cleaned by wiping.

What are Isparta Carpet Types?

In the carpet weaving of Isparta, unlike the whole Anatolia, the Turkish knot (double knot) is used as well as the Iranian knot (single knot). The low texture density of some Isparta carpets is due to the fact that they are woven with Iranian knots. These types of carpets, which are relatively thinner than those with double knots, are not different in terms of pattern and color choices. The places that buy Isparta carpets divide the carpets of the region into two as silk and wool. However, traditionally, Isparta carpets are classified according to their size. Prayer rug (75 x 130), sofa (100 x 200), runner (80 x 300), head (150 x 260) and floor (200 x 300) are the most touching dimensions. Ottoman, Chinese, tapestry, grape, rose, embroidered and scattered motifs are among the most popular patterns of carpets, which are subject to different classifications in terms of their patterns. The prices of carpets, which are suitable for offices and meeting rooms as well as living rooms, bedrooms and corridors, are also very economical. Carpets, whose worn models are sold as vintage products, are used as the main element that completes the decoration due to their vivid colors and intense patterns.

The use of traditional handmade carpets in decoration adds a different spirit to homes. Hand-woven carpets, which give a cozy warmth to the environment, also take on the role of accessories, giving homes a timeless identity. In order to add a new breath to your home, you can start to examine Apex Carpet products right away, and you can complete your shopping with affordable Isparta hand-woven carpet prices.

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