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Shaggy Carpet Collection

Shaggy Carpet

Shaggy (shagi) carpets, as everyone knows widely, are pile carpets. These carpets, which bring a peaceful and warm atmosphere to the spaces with their long piles, take their name from the English word "shaggy", which means hairy and not combed. Its equivalent in Anatolia is "tülü". The word "hairy", which is used when talking about pile carpets, has turned into "tülü" in time and is now referred to as such. If you want your space to be a bridge that carries the tradition to the future with the name of tülü that accompanies the traditional touches placed on the patterns, it's time to choose a shagi carpet.

Shaggy halı

What are Shaggy Carpet Models and Features?

‌Shaggy carpets are woven in many sizes, creating solutions for small spaces as well as large spaces. While the shaggy runner is generally used in entrances and corridors, it can also be evaluated for sequential use with patterns that can be added side by side. Shagi carpets, which fill you with peace by wrapping your feet while walking with their long pile structure, add a soft air to the environment with their appearance. You can find a model that adapts to every decoration with very rich colors, or you can choose to start with the carpet. The contribution of a decor created with warm colors to your family atmosphere is great. By using gray ‌shaggy carpets in study rooms, you can increase your motivation by using “gray” and seriousness with “shaggi”. With the bond you will establish between the patterns and your decoration, you can both sit in your home, room, living room and office with peace and happiness and offer the warmest welcome to your guests.

How to Choose the Right Shaggy Rug?

If you have decided to choose a ‌shagi rug, you will have a hard time choosing the most beautiful one among many models. The wide Apex collection, consisting of beautiful patterns, offers you many alternatives. From the catalog with carpets of different sizes, you can make suitable choices for spaces of all sizes and then proceed to the selection of patterns. With their motifs reflecting the centuries-old traditions, ‌shagi carpet models are waiting to settle in your space like a storyteller. Whichever tale you want your room to tell, you can complete your ambiance by choosing a suitable ‌shagi.

How to Clean Shaggy Carpet?

Because of their long hairs, care should be taken to clean ‌shaggy carpets. Since each carpet has a different yarn structure and texture, the cleaning of each carpet is also different. Therefore, you can preserve the form and colors of your carpet by paying attention to the instructions on the carpet label for cleaning and maintenance. In the care of shaggy carpets, chemicals and detergents that will cause deterioration of the structure and naturalness of the hairs should not be used, they should not be washed in the washing machine and carpet cleaning brushes with hard bristles should not be used. So how should shaggy be cleaned? 

  • Ventilation: ‌The most effective method of cleaning Shagi carpets from daily dust and dirt is whisking. When the carpet is beaten vigorously, the dirt and dust settled between the piles are removed. Repeating this as often as possible will delay the carpet's need for major cleaning.
  • Sweeping: You can get good efficiency with a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Using an apparatus that does not cause the hairs to stick together will provide effective cleaning.
  • Washing: You should definitely prefer professional carpet cleaning. Doing daily cleaning with a whisk and vacuum cleaner, and choosing professional washing at regular intervals will bring the carpets to the freshness of the first day.
  • Wiping with soap or detergent cloth: You can wipe your ‌Shaggy carpet with a soapy cloth for stains and instant needs. However, after wiping, you should make sure that it is free of detergent and dry it quickly.

How are the Shagi Carpet Prices?

Apex shagi carpets, with their TUV certificate, certify that, like all other carpets in the collection, they do not contain carcinogenic substances and that they can preserve their colors for many years. Shaggi carpets, which are hand woven carpets, are woven with hand knots. Although the prices of Shagi carpets seem relatively high due to this situation, they are quite economical considering their longevity. If you want to host one of the stories of love, affection and longing told with the old motifs of Anatolia, you can choose your favorite shaggy carpet from the Apex Carpet collection.

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