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Geometric Carpet

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Geometric Carpet

It is seen that one of the prominent trends in decoration in recent years is geometric lines. The geometric pattern trend, which has already entered the houses, manages to provide a modern and urban look for the areas where it is preferred. Especially one of the most powerful decoration representatives of recent times. geometric patterned carpet models  You can place them in your living spaces.

Make room for contemporary geometric designs

Geometric carpet models, which are one of the options that shape the carpet fashion with current decoration trends, can be an ideal choice to make a popular touch to environments such as home and office. In the last few years, the models that have been specially prepared for their enthusiasts include quite a lot of optical illusion looks. Geometrically shaped carpets, which offer a stylish look with some geometric games, add an artistic touch to living spaces as well as their modern appearance. The striking models, consisting of lively and dynamic colors, which have been used frequently recently, are enough to add a whole new dimension to the floors with their bright colors.

Get ready to make a difference in your decorative style with geometric patterned carpet models that you can easily choose in every area of your home or office! Carpets woven in different colors of the same tone, in particular, create an extraordinary appearance when used with geometric wallpapers of different sizes. In addition, small and simple objects and geometric carpets If you want to support your decoration, you can create a very modern and at the same time retro look with throw pillows or curtains in the same pattern. Combinations of such color differences create eye-catching designs in modern homes.

Include Models That Bring Life to Your Home

In the living spaces created with the right color combinations, the energy of the environment is also reflected on the energy of the individuals. If you think so, you can make a big impact with a small touch in your decoration style. Black and white geometric carpet suitable for the general area, as the trend of "less objects and solid colors" is leading in minimalist spaces. may be cut out. Since such carpet models are generally in the style of striped carpet, they are among the floor decoration representatives that attract attention with their stance in almost every environment.

In classical style houses, geometric carpet patterns can also be preferred in the form of tumbled, vintage or embossed. Instead of the traditional carpets for years, such geometric details can provide a positive decoration in the environment. Because these geometric and vintage-style carpets used in the past offer a much richer look when animated with new technological prints and different shapes. If you wish, you can also include geometric rug patterns in the decoration in hot times, for models that you can separate as summer and winter.

You can create a functional simplicity in your decoration thanks to the checkered carpet models in which aesthetic touches are blended with neutral colors. You can bring Scandinavian style to your living space, especially in models dominated by white. On the other hand, if you like more vibrant colors, carpets woven using geometric shapes in a tropical or rural style consisting of bright colors can create an ethno-modern style. If you are dreaming of a completely different environment, you can create an oriental effect in your living space with African style carpets made of mustard, amber, brown and beige colors.

Geometric Carpet Care and Cleaning

Geometric carpets are products that offer practical use in maintenance and cleaning. Considering that short pile carpets are more trendy in recent years, you can choose the model you want with short pile and provide convenience in terms of hygiene. In addition, for carpets woven with silk or jute threads, it is necessary to be more sensitive about cleaning.

For the maintenance and cleaning of your geometric carpet, it is sufficient to follow these steps:

  • Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on your carpet and leave it for 3 minutes. wait until
  • Then vacuum it well with a vacuum cleaner.
  • If the carpet yarn structure is suitable, brush the carpet with a soft brush to remove materials such as bristle and fluff.
  • You can use baking soda and white vinegar for stains.
  • Wipe your entire carpet thoroughly with white soap and foamed water.
  • Rinse your carpet with the help of a cloth rinsed with clean water.
  • Be careful not to use bleach or bleach on colored and striped geometric carpet models.

If you want to make a strong touch to your decoration with the accent models of geometric carpets, you can be inspired by the stylish models of Apex Carpet.  

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