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Carpet Advice for Your Home from Interior Architect Fatih Gözükara

When we design a space, we sometimes spend weeks and sometimes months for the most appropriate finishing details. We try to carefully select each piece. In this hustle and bustle, carpets are usually the last touch, an indispensable element of floor decoration. Carpets are one of the interior elements that most affect the atmosphere of the environment and the perception of space. According to most interior architects, it would be a more accurate method to choose the carpet at the beginning and build the other decoration on the carpet selection.

In this case, we increase the importance given to the carpet and assist you in choosing the carpet that is most suitable for your space in terms of aesthetics and scale and will provide the best balance with other elements in the space in line with the teachings of architectural disciplines.


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In order to buy carpets suitable for the texture and spirit of your space, you can fill out the form below and get advice from Interior Architect Fatih Gözükara. Recommendations will be sent to you via the e-mail you entered in the form.