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Uşak Carpet

Uşak Carpet

As it is known, Uşak is one of our cities famous for its carpets, and indeed it has legendary carpets. Uşak handmade carpet, which has added both elegance and usefulness to homes for centuries, is still among the preferences of those who want to keep this ancient and ancient culture alive. At the same time, Uşak hand woven carpet It is preferred by many because of its strength and durability. Uşak wool carpet, which is used especially in nomadic societies and fulfills the warming function in the most ideal way by being made of quality wool of animals, also has the most popular motifs in wall decoration. Uşak carpet prices, on the other hand, vary according to the quality, motifs and dimensions of the products. For this reason, after browsing for a while among Uşak carpet prices, you can choose your budget and shop.

What are the Features of Uşak Carpet?

The most distinctive feature of Uşak hand-woven carpets is that the carpets are soft and fluffy. In addition, the products attract attention with their deep and dark colors. Uşak is dominated by white, dark red and blue colors.wool carpet models can also be used comfortably in humid areas. These carpets, which are quite different from other hand-woven carpets in terms of both color and pattern, manage to add an authentic atmosphere to homes. If you trust the usage habits and pattern tastes of the nomadic tribes in the past, you can create an antique look in your home by choosing a Uşak rug. 

Uşak carpets are produced using 100% wool and root dye. In this way, it can create a perfect decoration both in modern houses and classically furnished houses. Uşak rugs, which are mostly beige tones, are the first choice of those looking for a noble elegance. The majority of Uşak carpet models are designed in holistic dimensions and their motifs are completed. In addition, the products differ from others not only on the basis of the selected pattern, but also in terms of application methods. Hand-woven Uşak rugs, aged between 60 and 80, are a great example of adapting the original patterns of the past to today's contemporary decoration carpets in the most ideal way. You can use Uşak carpets to keep the precious motifs of Anatolian and Uşak culture alive in your home. 

How to Clean Uşak Carpet?

Since Uşak carpets require a little more sensitive care than standard carpets, it may be necessary to apply various methods for cleaning. In the cleaning of carpets woven with natural yarn and root dyes, it will be much more accurate to sweep in the direction of the hairs instead of using detergent and water as is known. In addition, if there are stains and dirt on the carpet, it is possible to do a nice cleaning with the help of completely natural soap and a wet cloth. The quality and color of Uşak carpets can be best preserved by using these cleaning methods. If a liquid has been spilled on your carpet, you can dry the area with a paper towel and dehumidify. If you apply the right cleaning techniques on the Uşak carpet, you can use your carpets for many years without any problems. 

Where to Buy Uşak Rug?

There are many old carpet shops and shops selling the famous Uşak carpets in Uşak. However, if you do not live in Uşak, you do not have to go to Uşak to buy a stylish carpet. Among the Apex carpet collections, there are many quality and stylish Uşak carpet models. In this way, you can easily choose the Uşak carpet model that will suit your home best and best suit your taste without getting tired. Servant hand woven carpet prices; It varies according to the quality, patterns and dimensions of the products. Among the Apex Uşak carpet models, you can easily find the model that best suits your expectations and create a unique elegance in your home.

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