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Hairy Carpet

Hairy Carpet

The pile carpet, which is one of the decorative carpet types, is one of the pieces that add comfort to living spaces with its soft texture. Pile carpets, which create a stylish and warm effect in the environment they are used, are among the most preferred models with their use in accordance with different decoration styles.

How to Choose a Hairy Carpet?

Pile carpet models are one of the pieces that can be used in both modern and classical decorations, and the usage areas of carpets vary according to the pile height and shape. Long pile carpets are preferred to create a comfortable area in living rooms, lounges, resting or sitting corners. White pile carpet models or round pile carpet types can be placed at the end of the sofa or bed in individual rest areas or bedrooms, creating both comfortable and stylish environments. Small rugs in the form of post are used to add rustic flair to modern environments. The products, which are preferred as a complementary piece in rooms where white or vibrant colors are dominant, are mainly preferred as pile bedroom carpets. Whether round or post-shaped, pile carpets are quite successful in drawing attention to the area where they are used.

Straight cut pile carpets are used in modern living rooms and living rooms based on the color of the furniture. Grey, smoked and white carpets that are compatible with curtain and wall colors are among the most preferred pieces. In classical decorations, in addition to standard rectangular or square carpets, post-shaped carpets and runners come to the fore. Post-hair mat models are the ideal choice for creating a classic atmosphere, especially with gilded furniture.

What are Hairy Carpet Models?

Pile carpet models vary with factors such as color, style, pile height. Long plush woven products according to the pile height are the most preferred models. The products chosen as a decorative piece with their long soft hairs are monochrome. Long pile fleece carpet types, which have many color options starting from classic color options such as white to red, can be used as one piece or two pieces. Among the patterned carpets, there are woven products in which natural patterns such as zebra stripes stand out. Patterned carpets, which have a stylish use for decorative purposes, have a round, rectangular or natural post form. Among the long pile carpet types, there are carpets produced with the needling technique from micro polyester yarns. The products, which are suitable for use in all areas of the house, from the living room to the kitchen with their lint-free structure, are sold in different sizes and models. In addition to vibrant colors such as powder, purple, turquoise, white or gray pile carpets can be used flexibly with their designs suitable for different environments.

How to Clean Hairy Carpet Types?

Pile carpets have different textures, so they need to be cleaned in different ways. Plush pile carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner during daily cleaning. It is also possible to remove the dust and dirt inside by turning it upside down. When it is washed at home, if it is sized to fit in the washing machine, it can be machine washed by folding it upside down. When it is desired to be cleaned by hand, it can be cleaned with the help of a sponge without using chemical detergents, since it has sensitive hairs. Carpet and fluffy mat models made of micro polyester should be cleaned similarly. When stained, a tampon should be applied immediately to prevent the stain from entering the interior. Carpet types that are recommended to be cleaned by professional carpet cleaning when dirty can be cleaned with cleaning materials that do not contain chemicals such as Arabian soap when it is desired to be cleaned by hand. 

Hairy carpet prices, which add a stylish atmosphere to your home, vary according to the product model, size and style. You can find products that appeal to different budgets among the pile carpet types of Apex Halı, and you can choose pieces that add movement to the environment.

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