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Prayer rug

Carpet Prayer Rug

Carpet, which is a complementary decoration element and transforms living spaces into warm and friendly environments, also has an important place in terms of Islamic culture and civilization. In Islam, it is a common and well-established tradition to use prayer rugs during prayer, which is one of the basic elements of worship, so that worship can be performed on a clean and comfortable surface. Among the carpet prayer rug models produced to provide hygiene and comfort on the floor that is touched while worshiping, there are prayer rug options designed using traditional Anatolian motifs, flat models for those who favor simplicity, and optionally modern designed prayer rugs. The use of prayer rug not only provides the opportunity for the worshiper to pray on a clean floor with a feeling of comfort, but also gives the user the opportunity to move safely. Prayer rugs with non-slip soles protect you against unwanted accidents and injuries with their strong grip on the floor while praying.

Why Should You Have a Prayer Rug?

For those who want to fulfill their religious duties, there are prayer rug models in different color and pattern combinations, where they can pray on a comfortable and clean floor, use them safely for a long time and fully meet their prayer needs. The fact that it represents cleanliness at the time of worship and that it is a cloth specially produced for praying has made the prayer rug an important symbol representing religious integrity as well as respect. Based on this, you have many reasons to have a prayer rug:

  • You can use your prayer rug with peace of mind while praying at home, outdoors or in the mosque.
  • When your guest who comes to your house wants to pray, you can offer him a prayer.
  • As a tradition from the past to the present, you can keep a dowry prayer mat in the bride and groom's bundles.
  • You can present a gift prayer mat to your loved ones as a nice gesture when you return from Hajj or Umrah, or on religious holidays.
  • When you travel, you can take your prayer rug with you and pray in a mosque, outdoors or in the masjids of resting facilities on your way.
  • When you go on a vacation or a business trip, prayer mats may not be available at the hotel you will be staying. In such a case, a prayer rug that you can easily carry with you will support you in fulfilling your religious obligations.
  • If you are someone who likes to do charity, you can contribute to the needs of these places by purchasing wholesale prayer rugs for Qur'an courses, masjids and mosques.

Tips for Choosing a Prayer Rug Model

When choosing a prayer rug model, it is at the forefront to provide a color-pattern combination in line with personal preferences, along with the characteristics of the floor where the worship will be held.

  • If the floor you will worship at your home or workplace has a slippery surface, a model with prayer rug sizes among the non-slip carpet options produced with latex application will be the right choice.
  • In the pattern preference, there are stylish products designed with the use of traditional motifs and modern prayer rug patterns. The traditional rose motif Cornelia and Motto model prayer rugs for women, and the Calligrapher model prayer alternatives for men have recently become very popular. If you are looking for a simple, single pattern and modern design for your prayer rug preference, you can take a look at the color options suitable for you from the Cruz series of prayer rugs. If you are looking for a prayer rug with a more classical pattern and designed using traditional motifs, you can examine the Hattat, Perla, Karat, Himalaya and Diva collections. Patterns in which traditional figures are combined with the art of marbling are very popular in prayer rug design. If your preference is for the marbling art carpet prayer rug models, the Himalayan design will be the right choice.
  • If your color preference is light tones, you can take a look at the cream, white and powder color prayer options. If you like darker tones, black and mink prayer rugs will appear as stylish options.
  • If you prefer a more nostalgic design, rug-patterned prayer rugs and prayer rugs with fringes on the sides can also be a suitable choice.

Prayer Rug Prices

There are many factors that affect the prices of prayer rugs that you can pray comfortably with orthopedic use. Elements such as materials and raw materials used in production, non-slip sole applications and the up-to-dateness of production technology are the primary factors that determine the prices of prayer rugs. In addition to these, the dealer and widespread technical service network of the brand from which the product is purchased is also effective on the prices of prayer rugs.

Why Should You Prefer Apex Prayer Mats?

Apex offers quality products that you can safely use for many years, thanks to its superior technology used in the production of prayer rugs, as well as first-class materials and raw materials used in the weaving phase. You can find prayer rug models with many different color tones and pattern alternatives in Apex's wide product range. Apex prayer rugs, which offer hygienic and comfortable floor solutions for your worship, have practical cleaning features. You can easily clean the products by wiping them with lukewarm water, have them cleaned by professional carpet washing or dry cleaning methods, and wash them by hand or in the washing machine with warm water if they comply with the instructions in the user manual. Professional floor applications implemented during the production phase of Apex carpets and prayer rugs ensure that the product has a strong grip on the laid floor. Thus, it allows you to move comfortably and safely during worship.