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Post Carpet

Post Carpet

Hairy fleece carpet, which is among the decoration trends of recent years and among the first choices of those who want to add a warm atmosphere to their living space, has become used not only as a carpet on the floor, but also as an accessory on furniture. Products referred to as carpet post, plush carpet or post carpet can find use in many different parts of the home. 

What is Post Carpet?

Post carpet is among the carpet types obtained by weaving polycrylic threads in the form of post. These carpets, whose soles are usually made of suede leather and almost completely look like genuine leather, have become one of the most popular decoration trends in recent times. Post carpets, which were only a part and symbolic object of chalets in the past, are among the first models that come to mind for those who want to use different carpets today. Since the fleece carpets are long pile and look like an animal skin, they add an elegant and authentic atmosphere to the environment they are in. Therefore, if you are tired of ordinary decoration styles, you can create a unique atmosphere in your home with a post carpet model that you will love.

Where is Post Carpet Used?

You can use your Post carpets in different ways at any point of your home. You can even get a great effect by throwing a small plush rug over a leather sofa in your office. You can easily use your post carpets in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, nursery or hallway by choosing different forms and colors. Especially recently, plush carpets have become used instead of bath mats and closet sets. Therefore, if you always want a soft feeling under your feet, you can choose these carpets in every part of your home. Also, you should know that it is a wonderful feeling to have a plush carpet touch your feet while getting out of bed. 

Which Decoration Style Is Post Carpet Compatible With?

You do not need to have a clear and stable decoration style to use post rugs in your home. Because there are post carpet models that can adapt to every decoration style. Post carpets add a modern and warm look to homes. These products, also known as plush post carpets, help to increase the intimate atmosphere in living rooms and halls. A cozy atmosphere is created with post plush carpets in pink and pale blue tones, while a Nordic breeze is created in homes when the post carpet is white. The prices of post carpet models vary according to the indoor or outdoor use. For example, animal hide carpet models such as cowskin carpets and calfskin carpets may not be very suitable for outdoor use in order to minimize the possibility of deformation. In addition, these types of products may require much more careful handling despite their high prices. 

While round post carpets can be used in small areas such as hallways and bathrooms, large post carpets may be preferred in larger areas such as living rooms and living rooms. Especially if your home has a lot of wooden details, using a post mat or a post runner will be a great choice. Because the wooden material representing naturalness and the leather post carpet, which is also a part of nature, provide a perfect harmony. In addition, if you want to create a modern atmosphere as opposed to a classic look in your home, you can use post rug models on armchairs or armchairs, not on the floor. This usage, which has become a part of European decoration in recent years, has started to be preferred by many people. Post carpet prices; It varies according to the size, quality, form and feature of the products. You can easily choose among the useful and stylish post carpet models in the Apex collection and create an eye-catching decoration in your home.

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