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Antiallergic and Antibacterial carpets

February 03, 2020

Antialerjik ve Antibakteriyel halılar

The concepts of antibacterial and antiallergic have started to come into the agenda more and more due to the increasing allergy diseases and people's attention to the health of their children. We will try to explain these terms, which are mentioned a lot, especially with products for sale purposes.

Antibacterial Carpet What is it?

antibacterial word, It is used as a chemical substance that stops bacteria from living or prevents their reproduction. It is one of the words frequently used in medicine. 

Antibacterial Carpet ; It is provided by spraying or injecting acrylic emulsion-based special chemicals that prevent the formation of microorganisms on the surface of the product after the production of the product. Thanks to this permanent application, it ensures that bacteria and microorganisms are kept away from the product for a long time. The point to be noted here is that the chemicals that provide antibacterial properties will maintain their permanence for a maximum of 6-7 washings. As the carpets are washed with detergents and chemicals, their antibacterial properties will decrease.

above 60'C washable carpetsThey have antibacterial properties because bacteria will not survive due to high temperature.

Among the carpet types, only bamboo rugs It is naturally antibacterial. There is no need for any chemical application.

antibakteriyel halı

What is Antiallergic Carpet? 

Antiallergic, as a word meaning ashaking Why? means not.

Antiallergic Carpet ; This feature is completely related to the raw material of the product and the dust holding power of this substance. Microorganisms that cause allergic diseases that have been identified so far can reproduce and survive in almost all environments, provided that suitable temperature and humidity conditions are established. For example, mites in dust (asthma carriers) in houses in England Beds are the most important place where they live and grow. Antiallergic products keep allergens in the product and prevent them from being mixed into the air again. Hard floors allow the allergens on the surface to mix with the air again thanks to the movement of the air. wool carpet If you use it, wool will keep allergens in itself and prevent them from mixing into the air. However, if you use parquet, wood or PVC floor coverings on the floor, it allows the allergens to mix with the air again thanks to the movement of the air. 
asthma patients pose a great danger to patients allergic to house mites.

The precautions that can be taken to prevent bacteria and microorganisms from forming on a carpet are as follows;

  • The carpet should be vacuumed at least twice a week.
  • The carpet should not be left wet after washing or if liquid is spilled on it, but should be dried.
  • Washable carpets should be washed with a carpet washing machine once a year or professional carpet cleaning companies should be preferred.
  • Care should be taken that there is no moisture on the floor where the carpet is laid.
  • Carpets should be ventilated outdoors as much as possible.

As a result, the product you purchased may have both or only one of its anti-allergic or antibacterial properties. The important point here is to pay attention not to create suitable conditions for bacteria and organisms to reproduce before the product has these properties.

Antibacterial carpet prices are not much different from normal carpets. Just adding this feature to the existing carpet causes a slight change in the price of the carpet.

It would be more appropriate for asthma patients and people with allergies to dust to use an anti-allergic carpet instead of removing the carpets at home.It should be noted that the ebek carpet has antibacterial properties.

Antibacterial carpet You can see our models by clicking here.

It has been proven that the use of carpets does not pose a health threat, especially for asthma patients. For detailed information “Carpet and health relationship for asthma patientsYou can read the text. 

 antialerjik halı

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