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Antiallergic carpets

February 03, 2020 2 min read

Antialerjik ve Antibakteriyel halılar

The concept of antiallergic has started to come to the fore more and more due to the increasing number of allergy diseases and people's concern for the health of their children. We will try to explain these terms, which are frequently mentioned with products, especially for sales purposes, for carpets.

antiallergic carpet

What is Antiallergic Carpet?

Antiallergic literally means not causing allergies .

Antiallergic Carpet; This feature is entirely related to the raw material of the product and the ability of this material to hold dust. Microorganisms that cause allergic diseases that have been identified to date can thrive and survive in almost all environments, provided that appropriate temperature and humidity conditions are met. For example, mites (carriers of asthma) in the dust of houses in England. The most important place where they live and grow is their beds. Antiallergic products keep the allergens within the product and largely prevent them from being released back into the air. Hard floors allow the allergens on the surface to mix back into the air thanks to the movement of the air. (For example, if you use a wool carpet with especially high-quality fibers on the floor, the wool will retain the allergens and prevent them from mixing into the air. However, if you use parquet, wood or PVC floor coverings on the floor, the allergens will be released into the air. Thanks to its movement, it allows it to mix into the air again. This situation
It poses a great danger for asthma patients and patients allergic to house mites.

Precautions that can be taken to prevent bacteria and microorganisms from forming on a carpet are as follows:

  • The carpet should be vacuumed at least twice a week.
  • The carpet should not be left wet after washing or if liquid is spilled on it, it should be dried.
  • Washable carpets should be washed once a year with a carpet washing machine or professional carpet washing companies should be preferred.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that there is no moisture on the floor where the carpet is laid.
  • Carpets should be aired outdoors whenever possible.

As a result, the product you purchase may have both or only one of its anti-allergic or anti-bacterial features. The important point here is to be careful not to create suitable conditions for bacteria and organisms to grow before the product has these features.

It would be more appropriate for asthma patients and people who are allergic to dust to use an anti-allergic carpet instead of removing the carpets in the house.

You can see our antiallergic carpet models by clicking here.

It has been proven that the use of carpet does not pose a health threat, especially for asthma patients. For detailed information, you can read the article " The relationship between carpet and health for asthma patients ".

Carpets that can be washed above 60 'C have anti-allergic properties as bacteria will not survive due to high temperatures.

Among the carpet types, only bamboo carpets are naturally antiallergic. There is no need for any chemical application.

antiallergic carpet

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