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We Started From the Ground .........................

    The adventure of Apex, succeeding in creating its own customer base and its followers with the style it created, began with the adaptation of today's conditions to the forgotten, mohair woven rugs woven in hand benches at the beginning of the 1990s.

    Having set out to become a brand that will create a feeling of belonging to its customers, Apex has introduced products that increase the quality of life in the last years and appeal to the eye with increasing customer volume.

    In the settlement of fashion concepts in modern rug to Turkey as large serving Apex Carpet, since 1994 in Turkey 60 's on the province in 1000 i love our dealers, our modern carpets, our carpets, our home textile products, our bathroom rug, we convey to our consumers.

    We export our collections, some of which we produce abroad, to European countries and America.

    We import and wholesale in modern carpets, rugs and bathrooms. Our collections around the world (Turkey, China, India, England, New Zealand, Belgium, Egypt) produced throughout Turkey and over 60 provinces are delivered to customers.

    Our polyamide-based non-slip flooring made it possible for the APEX brand to be identified with this type of product in the sector. These carpets, which can also be used on wet floors, have been called APEX over time.

    Our product range includes woven carpets, woven woolen carpets, bathroom mats, child carpets, such as acrylic, polyester etc ..

    In 2007, with the Casandra home brand, we brought our consumers with home textile products. During the past years, Casandra home product line expanded and grew.

    From every age group who loves to be different, consumers can see products from Ankara (Siteler) and İstanbul (İkitelli Masko Mobilyacılar Sitesi) showrooms, which are suitable for their taste among hundreds of different models and colors.

    Business Understanding

Apexin is first-rate, to be honest with its employees, business partners, customers. At the same time this is the most important principle that makes Apex different.
Apex believes that "human values" are more valuable than commerce. The relationship he has established with his clients is the reason why he cares as much as his work.
Apex considers "adding value" to its Employees, Business Partners and Customers, and "creating value" with them as the most important task for them.
Apex, Turkey's leading companies to join the ranks of "hard work" has adopted the philosophy of his work.
Apex knows that it can not collect all kinds of products and enjoys working with Business Partners.